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Motorcycle Crate

Motorcycle Crate is an awesome gift for men
  • Motorcycle Crate is an awesome gift for men
  • Heat Demon Grips
  • Phone Mount
  • Guardian Bell for protection against evil spirits of the blacktop
  • Kriega Tool Roll
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It’s Oil or Nothing

Biker gangs have changed. The Hell’s Angels of yesteryear are washed up and waging turf wars in retirement homes, and a new generation is roaming the road. The violence and lawlessness of highways past are gone; these modern road dogs find solace in justice, an ice cold beer, and sunset photos that “kill it” on Instagram.

They still roll in packs, but the garb of the new guard includes selvedge denim, vintage boots, and well-trimmed beards. They’ve traded their forefathers’ brass knuckles for Bluetooth headsets. Listen closely, and you’ll probably hear them discussing startup opportunities to “disrupt the motorcycle industry.”

The Motorcycle Crate is built for the modern man who never turns down the open highway— unless it’s a work day, Tuesday night softball league, or the Sunday morning coffee and solitude period dedicated to “finding my bliss.”

Comfortable Cruising

The Motorcycle Crate features Heat Demon’s heated grips that slide right over the handlebars to keep the fingers from getting frosty. If these things were around in the 90s, Dumb and Dumber would’ve just been a movie about two friends comfortably cruising through the Rockies.

When the road ahead is long and winding, and the moon is the only companion, an iPhone and USB portable charger REALLY come in handy. Ram Mount’s spring-loaded X-Grip mount attaches directly to the handlebars for easy-access directions and driver-facing selfies.

Shake Your Tailpipe

Nowadays, bike gang initiation mostly consists of sharing Netflix passwords and having the right taste in IPAs, but that doesn’t mean riders can neglect their hogs. The Kriega Tool Roll straps securely onto the rear fender in case the bike needs a quick tuneup.

Guardian Bells have a vaunted place in motorcycle folklore, and legends suggest they ward off the evil spirits of the blacktop. These superstitions may even magically push super-slow drivers over to the right lane.

The Motorcycle Crate provides everything the modern man needs to eat, sleep, and breathe motorcycles—except the ability to actually eat or sleep on one.


  • Heat Demon Grip Warmers
  • Guardian Bells
  • Cell Phone Mount

Ride Maintenance

  • Kreiga Tool Roll
  • Crash Pak
  • USB Charger


In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar. No bow, no ribbons, no fluff, and absolutely no instructions.

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