Personalized Portable Puck Shot


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In The Box

  • Personalized Wooden Puck Shot Game
    • Closed: 17" w x 2.75" h x 10.25" d
    • Opened: 17" w x 1.375" h x 20.5" d
  • 16 Wooden Pucks in a Black Burlap Storage Bag

How It Ships

Plain Box items ship in cardboard boxes.
In an awesome cardboard box. Corrugated C Flute cardboard with regular slotted style... told you it was awesome!

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    Choose your delivery date at checkout


Better Puck Next Time

Imagine a game as fast-paced and frantic as hockey, but without the uncomfortable chill of an ice rink. Imagine a game that requires the finger dexterity of a professional thumb wrestler, but without the weird, sweaty palm touching. Imagine, if you will, Puck Shot.

Made with sturdy wooden pucks and a baltic birch game board, this set has everything he’ll need to engage in frenzied, puck-flinging action. Plus, the game board doubles as a carrying case, and arrives personalized with his name, so he’ll always have home court advantage, no matter where he plays.

Introduce him to the future of fast-paced fun with the Portable Puck Shot Game.

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