Personalized Pint Set Ammo Can

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In The Box

  • 2 Laser-Etched Pint Glasses
  • Personalized .50 Cal Bottle Opener
  • Peppered Jerky Stick
  • Original Jerky Stick
  • Temporarily substituting an additional Peppered Jerky Stick

NOTE: Personalized Pint Set Ammo Can does not ship in a crate, and requires two business days of processing time.

How It Ships

Man Crates Ammo Can Gifts are locked and loaded for gifting greatness.
In a Man Crates Ammo Can. Air-tight, waterproof, and virtually indestructible.

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The World Is His Man Cave

A man's insatiable appetite for adventure will lead him to Earth's highest peaks, deepest caverns, and soon, neighboring planets--but none of these places adequately cater to his second-most pressing appetite: beer.

But we've built a gift that lets him have it all. Whether he's crag climbing, spelunking, or riding a rocket to the grand opening of Raging Waters: Mars, the Personalized Pint Set Ammo Can will always ensure an awesome pint by his side.

Go Forth And Drink

With the Personalized Pint Set Ammo Can, he'll never have to endure the harsh humiliation of asking, "where can a man get a decent drink around here?" because he'll always have a pair of personalized, laser-etched pint glasses tucked safely in the indestructible ammo can handcuffed to his wrist.

There's only one bottle opener that can withstand the intrepid demand of the adventurous man, and that's the personalized bullet bottle opener. This .50 caliber bullet with his name engraved on the side is the second coolest way to open a beer with a bullet. And man cannot live on beer alone, which is where the two delicious beef sticks come into play.

The Personalized Pint Set Ammo Can has all the essentials he'll need to get his beers and best buds out of the house and into the world.

Customer Reviews

    Feb 14th 2020

    This turned out perfect! Gave an early Valentine’s Day present and he loved it.

    Jan 6th 2020
    Damaged by the Delivery Man

    Had ordered this for my Dad for Christmas and it came 2 day's before. I knew it was at my door because I heard a huge THUD... Turns out the driver that delivered my package threw it from a good 5 feet away at my door. I opened it and saw the Ammo Can was damaged but everything inside was in perfect condition (great packaging, I for sure thought at least a cup would be broke). Dad loved the gift and I reached out to Man Crates and they even sent me a free Ammo can to replace his damaged one. Great gift and great customer service. Will 100% be using you for future gifts.

    Tim T.
    Dec 30th 2019
    Love it!

    Received this as a Christmas gift. Opening the box to see the ammo can was a great surprise. The glasses are top quality and the etching was perfect. The .50 cal bottle opener is great as well and the personalization on it was perfect. This was one gift that immediately went to the "man-cave" and didn't stay under the tree. My daughter picked a winner!

    Sarah L
    Dec 10th 2019
    Best gift for boyfriend

    This had exactly the kind of look and feel my boyfriend loves while also having a personal touch. He was so excited to get this and open it. He loves the glasses and uses them all the time and keeps the ammo can as a functional storage space that he says looks awesome. Love man crates so much, getting some other ones for Dad and FIL this year. The best!! The personalized items are my favorite. Beautifully done and long lasting.

    Dec 3rd 2019
    “This is awesome.”

    Because of who I am as a person I am incapable of purchasing a gift for someone and waiting until the holiday date to give said gift. This was supposed to be a Christmas gift... But anyway; I ordered this the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, it shipped Wednesday, and I received it the following Monday. First of all, wow. Ordered two days prior to a holiday and I received my purchase quickly. Second of all, the ammo can is no joke. This thing is HEAVY and well made. My boyfriend loved the entire set, especially the bottle opener, and it was most definitely worth the price paid. Thank you, Man Crates!