Personalized Pint Set Ammo Can

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In The Box

Beer Buddies

  • 2 Laser-Etched Pint Glasses
  • Personalized .50 Cal Bottle Opener

Beef Sticks

  • Peppered Jerky Stick
  • Original Jerky Stick

NOTE: Personalized items require 48 hours of processing time.

How It Ships

Ammo Can
In a Man Crates Ammo Can. This is a NATO spec ammo case: air-tight, waterproof, and virtually indestructible.

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The World Is His Man Cave

A man's insatiable appetite for adventure will lead him to Earth's highest peaks, deepest caverns, and soon, neighboring planets--but none of these places adequately cater to his second-most pressing appetite: beer.

But we've built a gift that lets him have it all. Whether he's crag climbing, spelunking, or riding a rocket to the grand opening of Raging Waters: Mars, the Personalized Pint Set Ammo Can will always ensure an awesome pint by his side.

Go Forth And Drink

With the Personalized Pint Set Ammo Can, he'll never have to endure the harsh humiliation of asking, "where can a man get a decent drink around here?" because he'll always have a pair of personalized, laser-etched pint glasses tucked safely in the indestructible ammo can handcuffed to his wrist.

There's only one bottle opener that can withstand the intrepid demand of the adventurous man, and that's the personalized bullet bottle opener. This .50 caliber bullet with his name engraved on the side is the second coolest way to open a beer with a bullet. And man cannot live on beer alone, which is where the two delicious beef sticks come into play.

The Personalized Pint Set Ammo Can has all the essentials he'll need to get his beers and best buds out of the house and into the world.

Customer Reviews

    Beth Lindenmier
    May 2nd 2018
    One Happy Husband!

    For guys that have everything... this was the BEST present that I’ve given to my husband! He LOVED EVERYTHING! Thanks so much for coming up with great ideas like this!!!

    Apr 27th 2018

    SUCCESS! In the words of my manly man, "This is the manliest gift I have ever received! And the presentation is the most impressive I've ever seen! I have never been given anything so unique."
    You guys have made me the awesome better half of this relationship! :) We are in two different states so I am glad that I was able to impress him with this gift. I was on the phone with him while he opened the gift and he enjoyed every bit of it! The Ammo-Can is a surprising plus and he enjoyed going through all the items. The personalization was correct and all the gifts are of quality. He really likes the bottle opener too. Bottom line.... he loves it!

    Apr 21st 2018

    Got this for a friend for Christmas who is a Marine. He was happy with just the box that the stuff came in that when he opened it he was even more surprised. Best present every! Ordering from here again!

    Apr 10th 2018
    This is awesome! He said

    I purchased this gift for my guy who served in Army and who loves personally branded things. I told him something was on the way that I thought he’d like and when he received the package he was blown away from the minute he opened the box. His initial response was “Baby. You make me feel SO good. Thanks so much. I LOVE YOU”
    The can opener is huge and the personalization was a hit!
    Thanks mancrates for these awesome gift ideas. I can’t wait until his birthday to have a good reason to order something else!

    Apr 6th 2018
    He says he needs more!!!

    My husband Matt has EVERYTHING. If ever he wants anything he goes out and buys it. This makes holidays especially difficult for me to find him something. I saw this idea online and decided to give it a try for Valentine’s Day. What a hit!! He bragged about it to everyone he talked to! He decided that he needs another one now. Endless ideas for the next holidays. Thanks, Man Crates!

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