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In the Box

  • 4-Glass Oak Barrel Stave
  • (Repurposed cask wood may contain imperfections.)
  • 4 Tasting Glasses, 5 oz

NOTE: Beer Tasting Flight does not ship in a crate.

How It Ships

Tasting Flight ships in a cardboard box.
In an awesome cardboard box. Corrugated C Flute cardboard with regular slotted style... told you it was awesome!

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    Order today and it ships the next business day
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"Maybe Just A Taste…"

There's an air of sophistication that accompanies the word tasting. If we were honest and told our therapist we went wine tasting over the weekend, it would lead to a pleasant adult conversation with words like tannic and silky.

If we were slightly more honest and said we downed three bottles of wine, challenged multiple sommeliers to a slap-duel, and somehow woke up in a horse stable, the ensuing conversation would be a little different.

The Beer Tasting Flight does for beer drinkers what a tour in Napa does for winos; it's the skinny column of credibility that separates a respected appreciation of high-brow alcohol from just boozin' with the boys.

Prepare For A Bumpy Ride

We have unusually high standards for where we rest our nice beers. It's why we chose this particular tasting flight, and why our personal coaster's name is Jeffrey and has a B.A. in Hospitality.

Re-purposed from the stave of an old, oak distilling cask, this tasting flight carries an impressive resume of once holding 50+ gallons of alcohol. Some staves boast the cracks and wear of authentic use, what those in the distilling industry refer to as "character." Now, they've been drilled to hold four bottle cap flavor indicators and four pristine tasting glasses.

Speaking of tasting glasses, this set of four 5 oz. Libbey glasses resemble tiny beer cans of glass and are excellent for sipping and sampling beers in moderation—lots of moderation.

With the Beer Tasting Flight, any beer aficionado can sip clout and class straight from the glass.

Customer Reviews

    Feb 26th 2018
    Great gift idea

    Perfect gift for the beer lover on your list. Form + function: it works both as an instrument to serve flights in and some easy/(somewhat) classy decor to put on a bar or beer fridge.

    Oct 18th 2017
    One problem

    I have ordered this as a xmas present. It is so neat. I cant wait to see the look on his face.

    Only problem, the box was damaged. It doesnt seem like a shipping cause. Inside where the preferated edges are were ripped. So the glasses and board do not fit.
    As you mention, the box is awesome. :'(

    Jan 7th 2017
    Great service

    I had ordered three of these for my older sons and son-in-law for this past Christmas. Although a great sturdy product I was a bit disappointed that it didn't come with the beer like is pictured. When I wrote to ManCrates to express my disappointment, Elaine R. emailed me back very very quickly and expressed her concerns over my disappointment. I highly recommend ManCrates and Elaine for any gift ideas. I was very pleased with the product overall and I will be ordering other ManCrate products in the future. Thank you, Elaine, for going above and beyond. You are greatly appreciated.

    Jacob Rekots
    Dec 29th 2016
    Redankulously Rad!

    Sturdy and sound to the touch. Glass is quality. No need to worry about your "tasting parties" heading a rye(PA) this kit can handle the abuse.

    Thanks Wheat-Knee and G.A. Pete for the stellar winter solstice gift!

    Cindy Jennings
    Feb 12th 2018

    I also was very disappointed! I thought the beers also came with the crate. You can imagine my disappointment that I spent this amount of money for a Valentine's gift for my husband to only get small glasses. I thought this was going to be great but it wasn't.

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