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    Dec 17th 2018
    Great Customer Service

    The perfect gift, if your brother is into prepping and enjoys zombie films/games. Talked to Arden and received all the info I needed, concerning size, weight and info on German customs, to make my family Christmas trip with the mentioned item. Best Christmas gift ever.
    Man Crates additionally sent me a surprise gift to enjoy this season. Thanks!

    Gwendolyn McCarthy
    Feb 2nd 2017

    My husband LOVED, like sported a grin on his face all day and told his brothers and friends all about the gift, LOVED it. For a guy who typically doesn't care for presents, wrapping paper, fuss and loves zombies... this is perfect!

    Jan 1st 2017
    Freak'n Awesome!

    My wife gave me one for a Christmas present. My first response was what the heck did she get me, especially being wrapped in "100 mile an hour" tape. Love the mini Cat's Paw, I will be adding it to my tools that won't damage kit. Loved everything in the kit and already recommenced it to several of our friends.

    Feb 22nd 2016

    My fiance loved the gift! It was perfect, he had a blast opening the crate and shifting through the items in the box. Perfect gift for zombie lovers. Also it was delivered right when they said it would be. Couldn't be happier with the experience.

    Jan 15th 2016
    Gift for my son

    He had a little trouble opening the sealed crate, maybe use a little less glue lol when he finally managed to remove the lid, he was ecstatic with what was inside, and almost immediately started reading the book. Other family members were like where did you get that.
    I saw him a couple of days after Christmas and he was about finished with it. He said it was the coolest gift ever and said he was going home to cook the Spam lol I knew I made a great choice in this gift

    Candy Morton
    Jan 11th 2016
    Zombie Suppression Crate

    the Zombie Suppression crate was so cool that I had my brother build a case for all its contents for my husband for Christmas so it could be hung on the wall I wish I could attach a photo for you to see, glass reads break glass in case of Zombies !

    Liz Greer
    Dec 30th 2015
    Awesome Gift

    This was an awesome gift the Zombie Suppression crate. It was difficult to get into which made it even more fun. The items in the crate were much better quality than I thought it was going to be. Thanks for the fun gift.

    Dec 26th 2015
    Best Christmas Gift

    My husband and I don't usually exchange gifts at Christmas. But on a fluke I stumbled on the website and was immediately intrigued! One of our long running jokes is, the zombie apocalypse, and you never know and should be prepared! So the choice was a no-brainer! The crate shipped quickly and was here pretty much the next day. I ordered the extra duct tape option, which was awesome. The crate itself was sealed as stated, and was a little tricky to open, had to get a hammer and really whack the crowbar, but I think that just added to the mystery of it all. The whole time he kept saying, "What is this??" When he got it open, he was laughing at the contents, LOVED the knives and hatchet, and his "favorite" was the can of Spam! HA! He loved his crate, and my daughter and I had a blast picking it out and watching him open it! He showed everyone who came over, "Look at my man crate!" All in all, the perfect gift!!! Will definitely be ordering from you again! Thank you!

    Oct 30th 2015
    Loved it!

    I bought this for my notoriously hard to please husband for his birthday. His initial reaction when the box arrived was--send it back! But our 3 year old was able to convince him to at least open it. Once he was able to open the crate, he immediately began opening the tools and inspecting them. He was happy and it was my first successful gift in years! Thank you!!!

    Aug 7th 2015

    My boyfriend was absolutely floored by this present and couldn't stop raving about it! I would recommend it in a heartbeat and will for sure buy from here again!!

    Jul 3rd 2015
    The "Grinning Man"

    Never have I seen a 43 yr. old man smile more or act like a school boy than when he opened this crate! He still comments on it days later!
    P.S. He loves Spam!

    Jun 25th 2015
    Said to be 'Best Father's Day gift ever!'

    I moved to New York and sent this back to my dad in Ohio for Father's Day, as I'm on the phone with him and he is opening his crate (which sounded HILARIOUS I might add) all I can hear in the background is him yelling "COOL! OH MY GOSH! WOW SWEET! SPAM!" and it was the highlight of my day and his. Thanks to Mancrates for helping this newly New Yorker feel like she could really make her dad's day.

    P.S. I get texts frequently about him hacking things in the back yard 'practicing' for the apocalypse

    Jun 3rd 2015
    Loved it!

    When I came across man crates the decision for what to get my husband for his birthday was made. The delivery went smoothly and they delivered the perfect gift. Thank you so much!

    May 29th 2015

    I bought this for my husband for our 6th Anniversary, he loved it!! Been showing your website to anyone I know.

    May 5th 2015

    Best anniversary present! He loved it!!! From the awesome crate to the cool stuff inside, I'm definitely buying him more crates down the road!!!

    Mar 21st 2015
    Best Gift EVER!!!

    My wife is the best!!! She gave me a box for my birthday and said "Have fun". I opened the box and found a crate. At first I had a puzzled look but then went to opening it. This little crate gave me some trouble. I'm not as young as I used to be. You guys really sealed it up good. Anyway, once the crate was opened, I found totally cool zombie killing/survival stuff inside. This rocks!!!!

    Lisa Daro
    Mar 3rd 2015
    Ready for the Zombies

    The box came as ordered, except the lid was not nailed down. He did not have to use the pry bar, he just lifted the lid off after he cut through the duct tape. Everything was as described and he loved it.



    So sorry to hear the lid was an "easy off", this is definitely not what we intend when we're sending those off to you! If you happen to see this, give us a call at 866-902-7260 and we'll make it right.

    Feb 25th 2015
    LOVE IT!

    I got this for my boyfriend and he was soooo stoked! He said that everything was great quality and he loved opening the crate up. Thank you so much for such a great gift!

    Feb 20th 2015

    I bought this for my boyfriend for our anniversary. He loved it!

    Feb 18th 2015
    Absolutly the best!!

    I had no idea what to get my boyfriend, he has everything and if he wants something he just goes and gets it. We are hooked on The Walking Dead and some other Zombie shows so I thought he might get a kick out of this. He loved it!!! I can't wait for an occasion to get him another crate!!
    The service and quality is second to none. Even the crate itself surpassed my expectations. You guys are awesome!

    Feb 17th 2015
    We're totally prepared for the apocalypse!

    My unsuspecting husband LOVED his man crate! What do you get for the guy who has everything? This was my answer! At first he asked how he should open it, and I glanced at the clock and handed him the mini crowbar. He got to work right away and feverishly began prying. He mentioned that it was infact glued shut, and asked me again how he should open it and we laughed whole heartedly during the next 9 minutes as he pried it open. The look on his face was priceless as the top came off and he saw the array of tools he didnt have for his apocalypse kit! He couldnt wait to tell his buddies the next day and I was a beaming wife. Score one for awesome gift giving and the blast he had with it. Thank you! We will for sure be doing this again, and have already spread the word to everyone we know!

    Feb 17th 2015
    My boyfriend was definitely surprised.

    I just want to say that everything about my Man Crates shopping experience was fantastic from the customer service to the quality of the product I purchased. It's my boyfriend's fantasy to live through a zombie apocalypse, so it was only right to get him prepared for it. He did not expect this birthday gift at all and was super excited about it. His parents thought it was hilarious. I already have friends saying they want to get one also and I would definitely recommend buying from this website.

    Genesis Vega
    Feb 12th 2015
    Ready for the Zombies

    I bought this as a gift and all the guys at the party wanted it. If you want all the guys to be jealous of his gift, this is a MUST!

    Feb 10th 2015
    i have a zombie killing husband now.

    I got this man crate for my husbands birthday... He was so into opening it all manly with the crow bar, too funny! Made him smile and when he opened it up... He absolutely loved the awesome weapons inside. I will definitely be getting more of these man crates for future occasions!!!! What made it even better is that he got his zombie suppression man crate the same day the walking dead came back on!! He was in zombie killing mode. Love that there are so many different options to pick from. Next will be my dad, brothers, uncle... :-D the shipping was fast too!

    Jan 30th 2015
    Coolest Wife Ever

    My husband loved the Zombie Apocalypse kit. He called a number of coworkers into his office to show it off, and they all thought it was awesome and I was the coolest wife ever for getting him such a fun gift. A couple even went out to the website and are talking about getting their own!

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