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All reviews for Personalized Carabiner Knife

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    charles tilden
    Dec 28th 2019
    Little blazer knife!

    I got this for the boys..and one for myself. This knife is like having a laser in your hand. It is super sharp. It rushes through cardboard hungry for more! It slashed through that damn plastic everything comes in now like it was warm whipped cream! This knife sits in your pocket nicely along with your spare change. It can also clip on anything with the carabiners or even hang out a bit with the small belt clip. I cant wait to cut down a dead tree I have in my back yard while I have this in my pocket. Then after I ckeannuo the mess I can whittle me a toothpick from one of the small twigs with this knife. Now when we forget to take our knives out of the pockets and they go through the washing machine we can figure out which knife belongs to which person because our names are engraved on the blade! As we say in Boston 'Wicked Pissah!'

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