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    Jun 23rd 2021
    You Won't Be Disappointed

    I got this gift for my stepdad for Father's Day. He raved about it. The glass came out so beautifully, and he said the jerky is so tasty and flavorful. I tried two of the jerkies and they were SO good... and I'm not a jerky fan! I LOVE the buffalo whiskey maple jerky. I could it eat again and again. My stepdad loves the root beer habanero venison jerky. It's very hot but he loves spice. We also tried the salamis, and they were great. The chorizo salami was so good!

    The shipping was great, delivery was on the day I expected, and the arrangement of the bouquet was aesthetically pleasing.

    I highly highly recommend this product! It's definitely worth the money.

    Feb 18th 2021

    I love flowers from Bouqs and the box came just like those do- I loved that my husband assumed I got him flowers but he was so so excited when he opened it up to meat. Would most definitely order again!

    Abraham Gillen
    Feb 16th 2021
    Best bouquet EVER

    Got this from my fiance' for Valentines Day. Was the best gift for VD EVER!!!! most tender and flavorful meats I've EVER tasted, well devoured. Lol. If you love someone who appreciates high quality meats, GET THEM THIS!!!!

    Feb 15th 2021

    Honestly, I was a little skeptical when I bought this. I was thinking it probably won't be as great as the picture. Because usually it's smaller, or somehow just not what it was advertised as.. However, the look on my husband's face when he opened this was one of the best ever. We've been so impressed. He was beyond excited about his glass! He's even shared each one of the jerkies with me, and they have been so delicious. Definitely worth it. Definitely doing something similar again next year. Side Note; It would be awesome if we could pick the flavors of jerkies.

    Patricia Ryan
    Feb 14th 2021
    Worth every penny!

    Got this for my fiancé for his Valentine’s Day present and it was a hit! The glass with his name is on it is perfect and the presentation was awesome! Would highly recommend!!

    Patricia S Oliver
    Feb 12th 2021
    It's a hit

    Got this for my husband Here is his response
    "A funny thing happened today while awaiting a couple dozen roses that were supposed to arrive for Patty this morning. Around 2:00 PM, FedEx dropped off a box that appeared to be the appropriate size for the roses I’d ordered (albeit late in that they were to have been delivered by 12:00 PM). Delighted to have finally received this box from FedEx, I set it on the dining room table in anticipation of Patty’s arrival home from work.
    I hear her come through the door around 2:30 PM while still at work in my office. I hear her ask, “Did you see the package that arrived for you?” to which I replied, “I believe that’s for you.” I received a counter reply, “No, this package is for you.”
    I must confess that while I do like flowers in a landscaping context, this is one “bouquet” that I particularly appreciate (which included a glass-etched personalized “Dr. Mike” beer stein). I’ll add for the record (having sampled one of the specimens in this unique carnivorous bouquet) that smoked bear with a maple bourbon glaze is exceptional! (who’d have “thunk” that bear meat was that tender?).
    Meanwhile, I’m still waiting on those roses to arrive "

    Feb 12th 2021

    He absolutely loved it he thought it was the coolest gift ever 😎 I’m so happy everything was perfect ❤️❤️❤️

    Jan 31st 2021
    The Best Valentines Gift

    I got this for my husband for our 5th valentines together since our wedding. I was so excited I had to give it to him early. He opened the box and his face just lit up. According to him this is the best valentines gift he’s ever received!

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