​Wash This: The Best Gift for the Obsessive Car Care Dad


Father’s Day is in just a few weeks. Your group text chain with your mother and siblings has descended into chaos. Good ideas have run dry. Pops has plenty of ties, all the garden tools he could ever need and enough collared shirts to stock a second-hand menswear store for three years. You’re stumped.

Take a deep breath. Think about it: Where does Dad want to spend his warm Sunday afternoons in June? If the answer is outside, shining up the inanimate object he loves arguably more than you, we get it. We’ve just launched just the thing to help him impress the neighbors and reclaim the mythical crown of Shiniest Automobile in the Neighborhood from that ninny Carl down the street.

It’ll take up to 10 minutes for him to pry open the wooden gift crate. It’ll take far less time for your dad to head outside to start “auto-caring” for his prized possession.

First up, he’ll fill up his COLOURWAVE 2.6-Gallon Collapsible Water Bucket. Being collapsible and all, it takes up minimal garage real estate and can be stowed for road-trip spruce ups.

Then, the Chemical Guys sweet suite of auto beautification products will kick it into high gear. He’ll get giddy just mixing in the Honeydew Snow Foam Auto Wash Cleanser. The thick, foamy suds will launch an all-out attack on any dirt bold enough to stick to the fender. Of course, the Snow Foam goes hand in hand with the Scratch Free Chenille Wash Mitt.

When it’s time to start spraying, a simple 3-inch hose nozzle simply won’t do. That’s why the Auto Care Crate includes the Ultimate Fire Hose Car Wash Nozzle. With the force to put out an eight-alarm blaze (this has not been confirmed), it’s got plenty of power to make those muddy suds flee for the hills. And he can put the finishing touches on his dripping ride with soft caress of his Professional Grade Microfiber Towels.

After a luxurious microfiber wipe-down, the vehicle is reborn, sparkling dry and ready for several (slow) spins past Carl’s house. There’s a new king in town: your father.

So don’t fall into the same old gift rut this Father’s Day. He doesn’t need another item of clothing to gather dust in the closet. Send dad outside and watch as he transforms his dusty vehicle into a gleaming beacon of virility using nothing but elbow grease, ingenuity, and your thoughtful gift.

Family group text crisis averted!