Think Outside the Card: Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Entertainer

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It’s only mere days until the celebration of love dedicated to St. Valentine. If you’re inclusive of the approximately 150 million people reaching across another stranger’s arms in the Target aisle to find the most relatable-ish Hallmark card. Or fall prey to the checkout impulse buy while waiting for the person in front of you scrounging for exact change, we’re here to tell you there’s another way to find last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts for guys who love to entertain. Read on for some gift ideas that’ll help him become the toast of the party hosts.

You got served
The NBA All-Star game is coming up, and while they’re sure to be playing little to no defense, the guy in your life can score points with his pals by dishing out some homemade pizza from our Pizza Grilling Crate. Instead of a card on the fridge, have your man throw his signature pie in the oven for the type of guys night he really kneads. This pizza is not delivery, it’s delectable. The crate comes equipped with pizza stones; do-it-yourself organic dough; Pizzacraft’s Neopolitan Herb Blend; and the tools to get the job done (e.g., directions we’ll call a “recipe book,” so he doesn’t have to ask for them). Unlike the jokes in this article: cheese not included.

Loco for you
Even if he failed middle-school foreign language classes (how do you say: “too soon” in Spanish?), there’s still time to learn how to craft the perfect, homemade taco. At Man Crates, we strongly believe it doesn’t have to be Tuesday to taco ‘bout Mexican food. On any day of the week, our Taco Mania Crate is the perfect way to host a hot Mexican fiesta this winter to combat the often freezing temps outside.

PRO TIP: Pair it with the Beer Margarita Crate and be prepared for your Cinco de Mayo fiesta by the Cinco de March.

Quit playin’
They say all is fair in love and war; but our advice is to keep the games out of a relationship and onto a board. Grab the popcorn, because the Game Night Crate brings the gift of friendly competition. Whet your intellectual prowess as well as your appetite, with this crate’s inclusion of mind sharpening games and tasty snacks alike. Get this crate and get your game night on. 

Don’t shake…do bake
With the Daytona 500 also speeding around the corner, we’ve got dinner for a Talladega Nights-themed party, sponsored by the Beer Can Chicken Crate. Wait…beer cooked inside a chicken? Yes, you can. This crate requires little-to-no culinary expertise, but does require one or two of those Busch Lights from a 24-pack (this is a NASCAR-themed party, after all). Line up the front driveway with checkered flags and cones to go that extra mile. When it comes to party planning and quoting Will Ferrell movies: if you’re not first, you’re last.

Bacon you crazy
St. Valentine’s Cupid may know how to shoot an arrow, but St. Patrick knows how to nail a party. Set your Valentine up for hitting the Bloody Mary bar bulls-eye before (and especially after) the St. Paddy’s Day festivities with a kegs, eggs and bacon brunch before the madness ensues. Kick the accuracy up a notch and hit the mark with our Baconology Kit. With our Secret Rub Recipe, Hickory Smoker Bag and meat thermometer, this kit is the “cure” for the common hangov–uh, bacon craving. 

This Valentine’s Day, think outside the card, and the box. Instead, think inside the crate. Man Crates offers unique, inspiring Valentine’s Day gifts for guys.