Valentine’s Day Gift Central: What to Buy for Your Type of Guy


Shopping for men on Valentine’s Day is no easy task. Chances are, he hasn’t dropped any valuable hints lately. There’s still time to surprise him with something special, something that says, “I love you and encourage your interests! Now please be careful with that crowbar.”

Our gift guide below highlights a Man Crate for every type of guy, from the do-it-yourself Tinkerer to the flashy Entertainer. Hopefully these suggestions make the tricky gift-giving of Valentine’s Day a little less stressful for you.

The Family Guy – Game Night Crate

Kids these days with their texting and…uh…texting! Honestly all they do is text. Tap, tap, tap, tap tap tap. Skull emoji this, trash can emoji that. Enough with the texting, CALEB, we’re trying to have some quality family time for once!

If the previous paragraph reminds you of your husband muttering to himself as he tries to corral the family for a night of actual face-to-face human interaction, look no further—the Game Night Crate is for him.

The Game Night Crate is guaranteed to pry the kids’ eyeballs away from their screens for at least a few hours, opening the door for old-fashioned family fun. Each of the three games included—Codenames, The Resistance and Boss Monster–has received spectacular reviews, and the savory snacks will make them forget about the dumb dopamine rush they get every time the phone buzzes. Hey, Caleb, take a photo of the analog fun you’re having with your family. Put that on your Instagram.

The Connoisseur – Personalized Whiskey Crate

Have you ever noticed your whiskey-obsessed partner peering into his half-full rocks glass, before staring wistfully off into the distance? This can only mean one thing: While he knows he’s a true connoisseur, he wishes he had a pair of custom laser-etched glasses to make it official.

That dream is within reach. When you give him our Personalized Whiskey Crate, the dark liquor aficionado in your life will receive a whiskey drinking journal, two slate coasters, two ice sphere molds, and yes, two personalized heavy bottom rocks glasses. Not only will be he thrilled to show off those gems for his friends, but he will finally eliminate any doubt about who the real whiskey connoisseur is in the group.

The Entertainer – Pizza Grilling Crate

There’s nothing a backyard entertainer loves more than the seeing the excitement in guests’ faces as they admire his artistry on the grill. Usually, regular, old burgers and brats are enough to get the party going. But your guy is always looking to add new wrinkles to his outdoortainment portfolio. Enter the Pizza Grilling Crate.

With four pizza stones, a foldable wooden pizza peel, and Pizzacraft’s Neopolitan herb blend dough, your man will have all the tools he’ll need to wow the unsuspecting guests like a seasoned Sicilian veteran. Will be tough to go back to delivery once he masters these handmade crispy crust creations.

The Adventurer – Personalized Camp Axe Crate

With each passing generation, man has grown more accustomed to staring at the television for hours on end. Too often, we’re content with rotting our brains as the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Each of the Top 50 Metropolitan Areas in the United States flickers across the screen. A select few reject this life, opting instead to explore the fresh forest air. For these adventurers, the thicket awaits. And he’ll need an axe.

The Personalized Camp Axe Crate includes a 2-lb. Hudson Bay axe head with an 18-inch curved hickory handle, a sharpening stone and the book Good Clean Fun by master woodworker and renowned thespian Nick Offerman, whose Ron Swanson character is the epitome of modern manliness. An adventurous man, his axe and a good book: three things that belong in the great outdoors.

The Champion – Muscle Hustle Fitness Crate

Any ordinary schmo can stick with a New Year’s Resolution through January. True champions are forged in February—and beyond.

If your man is looking for an extra boost in the gym, the Muscle Hustle Fitness Crate is for him: one super-durable jump rope, a 22-ounce Blender Bottle, and a pair of no-joke, shred-em-up SKLZ Core Wheels. On top of that, we’ve got flavored packs of just about every consumable form of protein. While other guys slide into couch complacency, yours will continue his journey toward appearing on the cover of Men’s Health. Maybe.

The Tinkerer – Pro-Tool Crate

Everything can be improved. Or so says the guy who spends his free time fiddling with everything from car engines to the door handle on the backyard shed. This Valentine’s Day, show your handyman you support his habitual fixing with the Pro-Tool Crate, a box filled with gear so useful he’ll wonder how he lived without it.

Your Tinkerer will certainly appreciate the folding utility knife, 4-in-1 lighted screwdriver, Lava soap and extra shop towels, but the stars of the show are the Magnogrip magnetic wristband and drill holster. Never again will his fingers struggle to reach nails, screws or brackets. Every tool he needs will be fastened to his body, like the home repair Batman he sees when he looks in the mirror.