The Thrill of Gift-ory: Sports Gifts for Men


Welcome, lonely Internet searcher, to the Man Crates holiday gift guide for sports fans, featuring the most awesome sports gifts for men. First off, we’re impressed with your search skills. You have chosen wisely. Consider this your one-stop shop for sports gifts so unbelievable, the men in your life will literally weep with joy. Be sure to record that and post it on social media. Let’s get on with it, because ‘tis the season for gift guide-related articles and with 3% of precincts reporting so far, this one is winning.

Courtside – Gifts for $200 & Up

Robert August “What I Ride” Pro Carbon Surfboard – $975
For serious wave riders, surfing isn’t a sport. It’s a way of life. So the board a surfer paddles out on has to have the inspire confidence for a smooth ride. If it inspires jealousy from other surfers in the parking lot, that’s a plus. The sleek, stylish “What I Ride” 9-footer from Robert August has a 60/40 rail configurations with carbon composite construction and a proprietary stringer system custom built into every board. It’s strong, yet flexible; always rad, and never bogus.

ESPN Premium Dome Hockey Table – $899.95
This little beauty is a throwback to a simpler time when ESPN only had one channel and Chris Berman was just mildly insufferable. In an age of shoot ‘em up video games that are all so similar and monotonous, this game will bring a tear to the eye of any hockey fan. Actually, if you want to go next level, splurge for the USA vs USSR version. Ahh, embrace the Cold War hostility. If you do buy this, can we come over and play, please?

Supercar Driving Experience – Starting at $379 for model shown
For many guys, getting behind the wheel means inching along in rush-hour traffic or chauffeuring the kids to another birthday party. The exact opposite of that? Xtreme Xperience’s Supercar Driving Experience. Free him from the commutes and carpools with a few laps at the local racetrack in a premium sports car he’s always dreamed about but could never afford. PRO TIP: Xtreme Xperience is one of the available brands available with the Smash & Grab gift card. So let him work off that road rage by hammering his way through concrete to reveal his gift card.

Boxing Body Opponent Bag – $369.99
The perfect way for a guy to unwind after a rough day at the office: A few quick jabs to this dude while reciting lines from Rocky. Be advised, it will be tempting to throw a shirt on this dummy, put him in the passenger seat and use him for the carpool lane. Not that we’ve done that, mind you.

Field Box – Gifts for $50-$200

Swurfer Swing Board – $129.99
Backyard swings can be cool, but a backyard surf swing? Exactly. The Swurfer swing board is a great addition to any tree, allowing guests (or host) to hang out or hang ten, no water required.

SKLZ Rapid Fire II Shot Return – $119.99
Perfect for the trigger happy b-ball shooter who enjoys working on his jumper and raining from deep, but is a tad too lazy to be bothered with running down his rebounds. Or passing. Very surprising that Kobe Bryant hasn’t endorsed this product yet.

Fantasy Football Championship Belt– $119
He’s finally won his fantasy football league after years of foolishly drafting too many Jets and Browns players. Is a cash prize really enough, considering the countless hours of misery and toil? No, not even close, which is why it’s time to get him the fantasy belt. We’d advise him not to sleep in this, because it will chafe, but we know he will anyway. A small price to pay for glory. Who wants a shot at the title?

NFL Barware Crate – $99.99
Just because his team has been eliminated from the playoffs by Week 8, (sorry, Niners fans), doesn’t mean the poor dude has to suffer. Ease his pain this holiday season with pint glasses of his favorite team and artificial turf bottle-opener coasters. Also available for NBA, NHL, college and NASCAR.

Disc Golf Crate – $74.99
A guy can only have so much fun tossing a flying disc around. And it can be hard to assemble enough chill dudes for a game of Ultimate Frisbee. That’s where disc golf comes in. Also known as Frisbee golf or “frolf” for word combiners, the game has all the perks of real golf without the broken clubs and snooty old guys who play too slow. The Disc Golf Crate is the perfect starter set for guys with an affinity for long walks in the park and those little scorecard pencils.

Muhammad Ali Sweatshirt – $54
The greatest of all time may be gone, but he need not be forgotten. Pay your respect with this tasteful, sporty hoody. Hopefully, Don King is not getting a cut of these profits.

Aqua Golf Floating Putting Green – $52.93
Show us a better way to hone a golfer’s short game than this. Simply float this out into a pool and any links lover feels like he’s on the 17th at TPC Sawgrass. Makes for added fun if used during senior lap swim at the local YMCA. We kid. It can also be used on land by anyone with a good imagination.

The Bleachers – Gifts under $50

Coleco Head to Head Baseball – $41.89
We are firing up the time machine for this classic video game that features some of the finest technology 1982 had to offer. We don’t care though, because it’s still awesome.

Mini Pong – $30.78
Have you ever wanted to play some beer pong, but just not had the room? Problem solved with Mini Pong. Ideal for tailgates, pregaming, waiting in line at the DMV or if you’re just stuck in an elevator with some time to kill.

Baseball Swag Apparel – $26.99
If he doesn’t know what sabermetrics is, these cool-in-a-nerdy-way T-shirts might not make a whole lot of sense. But anyone who’s ever played fantasy baseball or bought one of those official scorecards outside the stadium, these will be a bigger hit than Roy Hobbs’s light-shattering shot at the end of The Natural.

Grenade Grips – $23.99
Feel the burn like never before with these bad boys. These innovative grips ignite muscles most guys have long since left for dead and are great for strengthening the upper body for tennis, baseball, bowling, competitive video gaming and opening pickle jars.

Emoji Hacky Sack Set – $7.99
Can he kick it? Yes, he can. He can also knee it, chest bump it and express his current emotion with it. The excitement and pageantry of emojis has found its ultimate companion in the sport of hacky sack. Not bad for a last minute, I-totally-forgot-to-shop-this-year stocking stuffer.

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