The Crate: A Return to Man’s Pry-mal Instincts


Studies show that men now take an average of -0.36 seconds to leave gift wrapping crumpled in a ball on the floor. And greeting cards are discarded even faster. What ever happened to the pageantry of gift opening? The slow build of excitement that comes with every curious shake of the box and every loosened corner?

It’s time to once again give men’s gift-opening prowess the respect it deserves. Since the dawn of time, men have been prying open anything they can get their hands on. Treasure chests, lions’ jaws, car hoods, pickle jars. Once opened, there’s a satisfying sense of accomplishment that no ribbon or wrapping paper could ever achieve. That’s why we deliver awesome gifts for men in real wooden crates. Shut real tight. With a crow bar. And a personalized note they’ll want to hang on to.

Make his next gift a challenge. Make it an event. Make it memorable. Check out our ever-expanding collection of crates.