Steal This Look: The Fabled Leprechaun


Click, buy, pull shenanigans…

  1. Golf Knickers ‘Par 3’ Microfiber Pants – $69.95
  2. Hatcrafters Plymouth Pilgrim’s Hat – $110
  3. Bonobos Unconstructed Italian Wool Blazer – $400
  4. Ermenegildo Zegna Linen Shirt – $375
  5. Man Crates Pipe Carving Kit – $79.99
  6. Duluth Trading Company Midweight Compression Socks – $16.50
  7. Bullhide 3-inch Black Leather Santa Claus Belt – $89.99
  8. Crazy Crow 18th Century Colonial Shoes with Buckles – $89

Bringing pixie back
If you’re like most people, you’ve always dreamed of dressing up like a leprechaun. But where do you find those shoes with the little gold buckles? Wonder no more. Here’s the entire leprechaun ensemble, so you can dress like a fictional Irish enchanter—for real.

We know you have questions. Here are the answers:

“When is it socially acceptable to dress like a leprechaun?”
This outfit will help you stand out at job interviews, on a first date, as a groomsman or at family reunions. It’s also perfect for just lounging around the house on a lazy Sunday. Really, when isn’t it acceptable?

“What other accessories do you recommend?”
We recommend a small pot of gold if you have it. Other pieces of flair can include a clover lapel pin, a shillelagh (Irish walking stick) and a Shamrock Shake, if you’re lactose tolerant.

“Does the leprechaun look work for ladies, too?”
Absolutely. You may want to consider adding this Handmade Crochet Irish Beard for the nominal sum of $12.

“What if it’s too hot to wear all this?”
It’s all about layers. Many leprechauns of the south wear a green tank top and board shorts underneath everything so they can dress down during a heat wave.

From all of us at Man Crates, we wish you a happy, fashionable St. Patrick’s Day!

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