Smash and Grab Meet and Greet: Kammok

Behind The Scenes

By definition, an adventure is an exciting or very unusual experience. This leaves things pretty wide open to interpretation. An adventure could be swimming in the Antarctic or running high-elevation trails or drinking a Sourtoe Cocktail (it exists). Some adventures are more fun than others (toe), but they all have one thing in common: They can be life changing. If you’re anything like us, you’re up for any kind of adventure, even those of the toe variety, and really enjoy the kind that gets you up and out into the wide and wild world, exploring all that it has to offer. Kammok, one of our Smash & Grab Gift Card partners, is all about life-changing adventure, and their gear is exactly what’s needed when breaking out of the cubicle to do something special.

Just hanging around
Kammok creates outdoor gear for anyone looking to live an adventurous life, or at least an adventurous weekend, or even just a night, or day—adventure of any duration. You get the picture. They have hammocks, of course, (kammok being the result of a tongue-tied attempt at saying “camping hammock”—try saying that 10 times fast) but they also sell tents, quilts, tarps, mosquito nets, totes, apparel and all sorts of equipment to get you comfortably through whatever outdoor activity you happen to be embarking on.

After being introduced to hammock camping one summer, and after his hammock failed when he needed it most—it split while he was sleeping—Kammok’s founder decided to combine his interest in business with his passion to serve, equip and inspire people. Thus, a new product was born, filling the gap left in the outdoor industry for functional hammock equipment as well as the gap that had been left in his actual hammock that landed him on the ground in the first place.

Kammok doesn’t stop at just getting you off the ground, out of the cold or away from bugs. They also hope that by encouraging people to live life to the fullest and experience new things, this will, in turn, inspire customers to help their own communities and other individuals also live a life full of wonder and exploration. Kammok partners with organizations that work with underserved youth, believing that positivity and change can ripple outward. Kind of like the movie The Butterfly Effect, but with no Ashton Kutcher and also it’s not awful. Kammok gives a percentage of their revenue to nonprofit partners who offer youth leadership training, mentorship and outdoor adventure. This is also something better than The Butterfly Effect, but really, what isn’t? Sorry, Kutcher.

Smash and grab adventure by the horns—or the gift card
Some may not think that adventure can come in small packages, but what about concrete blocks? Nobody ever said that wasn’t possible. Fact is, a great adventure awaits anyone who receives a Smash & Grab Gift Card, one of the most unique gifts for men. Recipients don the safety glasses that come with it, take the hammer that’s also included and smash to reveal a gift card that can be redeemed at one of the 15 brands we’ve partnered with, including Kammok. Let him bust it open and get ready to shake things up.