Roll It, Twist It, Rub it, Dip it: How to Make Your Own Pretzels

Food & Drink

The pretzel is quite possibly the world’s best finger food. Warm, soft, savory and fun to eat, it makes an ideal companion for beers of all kinds. You even get to tear it to pieces, which can be a mini stress reliever. But before disassembling your next twisted doughy delicacy, consider making your very own handmade pretzel at home. In honor of National Pretzel Day, we whipped up this quick instructional video.

Breadsticks with a twist!
The charm of the pretzel is in its shape. The video has all the steps you need to follow to prep a batch of pretzels, but we’re going to break down the tricky part—the twist—in more detail.

Step 1: The “U”
Take your long strip of dough and curl it into a “U” shape. PRO-TIP: If you want to impress a loved one, you can leave the “U” as is, then form other strips into an “I” and a heart shape.

Step 2: The Cross
Light grab both ends of the dough strip and cross them.

Step 3: The Double Cross
We’re not suggesting you figuratively stab a friend in the back or become a spy. You will, however, need to cross the ends over each other one more time.

Step 4: The Shaping
Hold each end and flip them down to the bottom of the “U.” Each end will overlap a bit. You don’t want anything flying loose between here, the dipping pot and the oven, so press the overlap down lightly to hold the pretzel in place. Presto! You’re a pretzel-folding magician. All you need now is a good pretzel-making kit. You’re in luck, we happen to sell this bad boy as an add-on with several of our gifts. Look for it as an option the next time you check out.