Incredible Hand-Carved Pipes to Spark a New DIY Hobby

Hands On

When curating a DIY Pipe Carving gift kit, admittedly, we had low expectations for what a beginner pipe-carver could accomplish. And once we felt the sheer density of the burlwood pipe block, our expectations plummeted.

“I carved this pipe into a rectangle.”

“I actually like it better as a block. It’s more avant garde.”

These were the “success stories” we were expecting, so you can imagine our amazement when photos of intricate, hand-carved pipes began trickling in from garages across the country.

Modern renaissance men were spending hours shaping pipes to their exact specifications with the Man Crates pipe-carving kits they received as birthday, anniversary, Father’s Day, and Christmas gifts.

And while we’d like to fully credit these exceptional results to the comprehensive instructional guide accompanying the full set of pipe-carving tools, we’ve got to give some props to the artists sanding and shaping their dreams into reality.

We’ve compiled and titled some of the overachievers from the Man Crates School of Pipe Carving:

“Chief Long Draw” by Joel H.

“The Pipeceratops” by Austin G.

“Smokehenge” by Stan Y.

“The Palm Reader” by Nick B.

“Prof. Porch Pipe” by Tommy N.

“Mr. Rough, Gruff, Puffin’ Stuff” by Michael I.

“Smoker’s Delight” by Eben P.

“Pottery 101 Pipe” by Joe D.

The Fire in the Briar Pipe Carving Kit is the perfect gift for the man with major pipe dreams. If you’ve got a hand-carved pipe to show off, share it with us on Facebook or Instagram.