Happy Husband, Happy Life: How to Ace Husband Appreciation Day


For better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, Husband Appreciation Day is right around the corner. Mark your calendars, because on April 15th, your taxes aren’t the only thing in need of some quality time and attention. Not that a husband shouldn’t already be appreciated on days that end in “y.” But this day gives you another good reason to celebrate your main squeeze and we’re here to help with suggestions for some grand gestures and great gifts for men.

Wakin’ and bacon
Show us a man who doesn’t like waking up to the sweet smell of bacon, and we’ll show you a liar—or maybe, a vegetarian. Either way, the meat of the matter is that lazy Saturday mornings are best spent enjoying breakfast in bed. Show him your appreciation with a steaming heap of eggs, bacon and prime-cut rare steak still mooo-ving on the plate.

Optional token of appreciation: Help him return the flavor on Wife Appreciation Day.

We’d tap that
After breakfast, stout your day with a tour of local breweries. Tap into the freebies by calling ahead and snagging two spots on a free tour with samples along the way. Nothing says “I love you” quite like free craft beer. Unless it’s free craft beer and a designated driver.

Optional token of appreciation: Inspire him to craft his own brew.

Honey-done list
On Husband Appreciation Day, make that honey-do list a honey-I-done-it-already list. So what if the kitchen light switch still starts the blender. Put away the tool belt, throw a bucket under that worrisome leak in the ceiling and make a list of fun things to do together before kicking said bucket.

Optional token of appreciation: Hand these tools to your resident handyman.

Fast and Frivolous
Unless your second cousin once-removed knows a guy who knows a guy who serves coffee on the set of the Fast and the Furious (any of them), speeding on over to your local Audi, Porsche or Lamborghini dealer is the next best thing. Grab your husband, and your negotiation skills and tell them you’re in the market…for a test drive, that is.

Optional token of appreciation: If the test drive sparks his need for speed, let him redeem his dream with an Xtreme Xperience.

Poker Face
If we were a betting bunch we’d say a game of poker with the guys is in the cards for your man. Call up his friends, whip together some hors d’oeuvres and roll up some cigars for some Saturday night fun and games. All those times delivering straight-faced feedback after your husband’s shower audition for The Voice will finally pay off.

Optional token of appreciation: Raise the stakes with a one-of-a-kind poker gift.

Off the wall
A basic way to pay homage to your hubby is to post a Facebook photo collage of your best moments. But you’re better than that. Go beyond basic and instead leave notes on the bathroom mirror, on the seat of his car or on his favorite neon green soda (a cringe-worthy pun like “I love everything you Dew” is sure to spark a reaction).

Optional token of appreciation: Raise his photography game and make some new memories.

Package deal
If we had a dollar for every time someone got a gift delivered to work for Husband Appreciation Day, we’d probably have…lint in our pockets. But like a good poker face, you’re better safe than sorry. If a singing telegram isn’t your style, you can still guarantee he’s spared from any nasty 5th-grade flashbacks of an empty-handed Valentine’s Day, and send a care package worthy of sharing with classma– er, coworkers.