​Patriarchs of Flavor: Gifts For the Chef Dad


We often hear culinary tales about Betty Crocker and the like. They get lucrative book deals, their faces on barbecue sauces, and even cookware lines. But while these masterful queens of grub have been earning their places in our hearts and cookbooks, dedicated dads have been rising up in a silent, tasty revolt. Instead of picking up the TV remote after a hard day at work, they’ve outfitted their waistlines with whisks, basters and the sharpest knives to create delicacies worthy of Julia Child-like screeches.

Trying to keep dads who have mastered culinary excellence hidden away in their man caves is as insulting as a poorly marbled Kobe steak. They’ve touched the kindling of greatness, and they must keep their searing torches burning strong. So if your old man moonlights as a chef, we’ve devoted countless hours and grueling taste tests to come up with some great cooking gifts for men that are sure to keep him well stocked and raring for his Michelin star.

Cooking Gifts for MenSUNNY SIDE UP
It’s commonly held that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Though the science behind that notion is debatable, a perfectly fluffy pancake can easily change the minds of naysayers. Your dad most likely grew up in a time where mornings consisted of chicken fried steak and home fries, not green smoothies. And while current trends may present healthier options, no one can deny the homey feeling of sizzling bacon. So if you’re in the market for something that’ll help dad bring back sunny-side-up memories, our Morning Glory Crate may just do the trick.

Grilling Gifts for FathersSEARING JOY
It should come as no surprise when we say that cavemen were quite backwards. But those woolly forefathers were quite forward thinking. With the discovery of fire, they began to sear, sauté and deep fry food in a way that literally had never been done before. And while most men have traded their loincloths for slacks, that same primal desire still runs deep in their blood. Fathers have developed a deeply honored connection with their grills, and it’s become a national pastime of many. For the sizzle-inclined dad, we’ve developed quite a few grilling crates…one of which is guaranteed to make his eyes sparkle like a red hot coal. With the Everest Grill Crate, we replaced modern day cooking surfaces with nature’s own seasoning surface, a Himalayan salt block that’s sure to flavor to perfection. Now that’s sure to get him fired up.

Kitchen Gifts for DadsSLICE AND DICE
The pros know that in order to take any skill to the next level, you need to up the tool ante. We don’t see professional bicyclists riding Huffys, so how could the padre expect to reach his culinary apex with a mediocre arsenal of tools? With every cut he makes, every slice he takes, someone’s watching him. And we’re all for setting him up for success. There are many tools of the trade when it comes to cooking, but none are as crucial as the blade. From cutting to dicing to carving—the knife is a versatile resource. Our Personalized Chef Pack perfectly combines a top-notch knife with a sturdy bamboo cutting board that’s sure to have dad ready for the cutting edge. And if the tools weren’t enough, we even etch his name into them for an extra seasoning of fatherly pride.

Cooking Gifts for FathersPINCH OF LOVE
I guess you could say we’re kind of partial to our Pops around here. From pickling to helping us out of pickles, they sure do a lot. And if cooking is their passion, why not say thank you for being a great dad with a gift he’s sure to boast (or baste) about.