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Last-Minute Holiday-Saving Gift Ideas


We get it. You’ve been busy. Maybe some of the tough-to-shop-for names on your list have yet to be crossed off. But don’t let the time crunch pressure you into giving uninspired gifts! Check out the creative last-minute holiday gift ideas below, most of which have expedited shipping options available (including some shameless plugs for a few of our own gift crates).

Scented Candle

The truth is, men secretly love the fruity scents of pastel-colored candles. We could spend all day in a Yankee Candle store just soaking in the aromas of the different jars. But the best way to give the gift of smell without damaging the recipient’s reputation as a burly man is to stick with man candles like these from DW Home—Warm Tobacco Pipe, Wild Honey Nectar and Sandalwood Myrrh.

Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Yours truly has this exact pour-over coffee maker, and I must say, not only does it brew a great cup of joe (“joe” is an aficionado’s term for “coffee”, nbd), but also the brewing process itself is a really relaxing way to start your day before diving into the chaos of our inboxes.

Coffee Mug Warmer

Coffee drinkers know there’s about a 10-minute window where their drink is neither scalding hot nor ice cold. It is in this Goldilocks zone that we can truly savor our caffeine, ingesting it for pleasure rather than purpose. The java fiend in your life will be forever grateful to you for extending their delicious drinking window with this simple mug warmer.

Morning Glory Crate

The best gifts can be put to use immediately and enjoyed by many. Depending on the virility of your loved one, within a half hour of cracking open our Morning Glory Crate, family and friends will be enjoying deliciously warm flapjacks topped with what many people are saying is the sweetest nectar of the gods, Marionberry syrup.

Adjustable Snow Shovel with Rotating Center Handle

For the dad who is too prideful to step down from his driveway shoveling duties and let his teenage kids take over. It’s not exactly a budget gift, but, folks, you just can’t put a price on reduced back pain over the holidays.

Wooden Beer Caddy

We’re all adults here, right? Or at least we pretend to be? It’s time to say goodbye to the days of bringing a sampling of beers to the football party in a mismatched cardboard six-pack holder. This handy caddy also serves as the perfect complement to one of our home brew kits for the hops enthusiast in your life.

Pit Master Crate

What better time than the dead of winter to remind someone of the joys of summer grilling? Two different Rufus Teague sauces, four different grilling wood chips, and all the tools and accessories needed for beautiful basting.

Beer Chillers

What will they think of next? This ingenious product means you’ll never deal with warm beer again (unless you prefer warm beer, in which case there’s nothing we can do to help you).

UGG Slippers

No one who has ever had their feet wrapped in a half-inch of soft, fuzzy wool in the middle of December has ever complained. There’s no way we can verify this, but it seems true.

Page Holder

Behold the tiny invention that will single-fingeredly save the print industry. The reader in your life will appreciate this simple but thoughtful gift that will not only ease their page-holding but will also prevent any undue ink-smudging.

Old School Crate

If it seems as if the world is far too serious these days, give this crate to a loved one who needs to be reminded of the simple pleasures of childhood. A Rubik’s Cube, yo-yo and slinky will provide hours of fun, and 10 retro candies from the last century will spark memories and stories from the elders in the room.

Bonsai Tree Starter Kit

For your friend who has always wanted a bonsai tree but didn’t know where to start. Obviously this one will die three months after the first leaves sprout, but at the very least your gift will infect them with a new hobby that lasts a lifetime.

Game of Thrones-Style Bottle Opener

““The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.”
– Ned Stark on punishment for deserters”
– Your friend who’s about to pop the top off a cold one with this GoT-themed bottle opener.

Memory Foam Seat Cushion

While a velour-covered seat cushion may not seem “cool” or “manly,” rest assured the recipient of your gift will be thanking you for the comfort weeks and months from now. So many of us spend all day parked on our rears, and I can personally attest—once you go memory foam seat cushion, you never go back.

Beard Wrangler Mini Crate and Clean Shave Crate

Chances are, you’ll spend the holidays with at least one wannabe mountain man who has let his facial hair get the best of him in the wintertime. Leave a not-so-subtle hint under the tree that maybe it’s time to get that beard under control with our Beard Wrangler Mini Crate or the Clean Shave Crate, depending on the severity of the situation.

Rapid Defrosting Tray

At the risk of revealing myself to be a dolt, I must admit I have no idea how this thing works. None. The product description doesn’t explain anything, and neither do the positive reviews. “No microwave, no hot water, no electricity required.” How, Sway?

Snag this for the chef in your life (or the person at your office who fancies themselves one) and be sure to play coy when they inquire about the origins of this sorcery.

Pipe Carving Kit

The only thing manlier than taking a smooth draw from a tobacco pipe is doing so from a pipe hand-carved by the smoker himself. If there’s a man in your life yearning for the personal fulfillment that comes with achieving this level of masculinity, look no further.