Brew-It-Yourself Inspiration for National Beer Day

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No one ever needed an excuse to head to the local pub for a pint after a hard day’s work. But beer drinkers across the country would be remiss not to raise (at least) a glass on National Beer Day. Nothing’s better than blowing off steam and sipping a stout with your closest barflies. Well, almost nothing. That handcrafted brew tastes just a little bit better when it’s been crafted with your own two hands—or those of your resident home brewmaster.

Drinking in the art and science of brewing
If you know a man who fancies himself a true brew connoisseur—a guy who throws around terms like “trub,” “zymurgy” and “lag phase”—give him the gift of golden fermented glory. The Home Brew Kit is a craft brewing facility in a box. Among the tools and equipment included are a 5-gallon carboy and brew pot, a pump siphon, tubing, a bottle capper and the makings to whip up a legendary batch of SMaSH IPA. And the home brewing instruction manual will guide him down the path to an awesome experience of alchemy and ale.

Though the only gift anyone actually gives on National Beer Day is “another round on me,” the Home Brew Kit is a great go-to gift to pour on the thrills for the next birthday, Father’s Day or other gift-worthy occasion. PRO-TIP: When it’s time to uncap the frothy, fermented creation, his one-man microbrewery is going to need some custom barware. Cheers!