The Perfect Party Playlist for Your Holiday Get-Together

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Whether you’re hosting a friends-and-family gathering this year, or you just want to be a standout guest, it never hurts to have a great holiday party playlist ready at a moment’s notice. But striking the right tone for such a mix is no easy task. With large groups, one must avoid a few obvious pitfalls. Include too many ancient carols and grandpa Percy might doze off before dessert. If the tracks are too upbeat, you risk amplifying the sugar highs of a half-dozen kids. Luckily for you, we baked up the goods.

Our carefully curated holiday party playlist has something for everyone, from Bruce Springsteen and Mariah Carey to Andy Williams and Nat King Cole. (And no, we will not apologize for the number of Michael Bublé songs.) Just hit ‘play’ below and enjoy two-plus hours of timeless classics and refreshing pop twists on the traditional hits.

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