Hot Off the Grill: BBQ Gifts for Men


There isn’t a more satisfying method of cooking than grilling food over flame—it’s primal, it’s fiery and it’s meaty. If you’ve been thinking about getting a present for the grill master (or novice) in your life, this is the perfect place to start. Here’s our guide to the best BBQ gifts for men this holiday season, both high-tech and low, broken out by price range (three bones = expensive, one bone = inexpensive), to help create the backyard BBQ of his dreams. Let’s fire it up.

Three Bones

Barbecue Dining Boat – $50,000
We’ve all had the fantasy of eating grilled meats with friends in the middle of a lake. No? Honestly, most people haven’t. But for those who have, this decadent Barbecue Dining Boat from Hammacher can make that dream come true: it’s got a built in grill, umbrella and trolling motor so you and nine of your closest friends can enjoy that floating BBQ you’ve been dreaming of.

Barbecue University – Prices start at $2,300
Nothing quite says “I love you” like sending someone far away. The grill fanatic in your life will be eternally grateful when you ship him off to Barbecue University—four intense days of food, fire and bonding over smoked meats. Led by grilling expert Steve Raichlen, Barbecue University (held at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, CO) will give even the well-versed griller some new and awesome barbecue techniques to share when he gets back home. Perhaps it is meat AND absence that make the heart grow fonder.

Traeger 2016 Pro Series 34 Grill – $999.99
The relationship between a man and is grill is a sacred one. Only one can receive the final rose. With 884 sq. ins. of grilling surface, the Traeger 2016 Pro Series 34 just might be the grill of his dreams. This wood pellet masterpiece delivers the flavor of smoke along with the convenience of gas. It features a digital pro controller that maintains a +/- 15°F temperature control to guarantee great grilling. This baby also has dual meat probes, an extra grill shelf, an auto-start system, an 18 lb. pellet hopper with cleanout, a sawhorse chassis and all-terrain wheels for when you need to pull it across a craggy moor.

Pit Barrel Cooker Smoker – $299
Picture yourself surrounded in a smokey chamber, slowly getting more and more flavor-filled until you take on a glorious taste that can’t be matched. Now stop picturing that because you’re not a rib. But do picture your resident meat lover enjoying that crazy flavor and pick up a smoker. The drum-shaped Pit Barrel Cooker smoker has good capacity—easily accommodating eight slabs of ribs—and requires no assembly and not much effort to produce drool-inducing meats. Slow and low always wins the rib race.

Two Bones

Weber Electric Rotisserie – $159.99
Drooling guests might sound like a problem, but not if it’s a glistening rib roast or chicken on the spit that inspires that slobber. The Weber Electric Rotisserie turns any 22 in. kettle into a rotisserie cooker that cooks evenly, easily and deliciously.

Everest Grill Crate – $149.99
Salt, that mighty shaper of civilizations, a highly sought-after substance that once served as currency, is also excellent on a steak. The Everest Grill Crate has salt and then some: The Himalayan salt plate adds serious flavor that can go on for days, a cookbook to help guide chefs to salty paradise, kabobs, a spatula and even a grilling glove. This grilling gift for men is most certainly worth its salt, ahem.

Brown Duck Grilling Apron – $114
Slopping sauce and rubbing ribs can be messy business. Protect duds with a Brown Duck Grilling Apron. With pockets-a-plenty and a sturdy and stylish cut, backyard cooks will look and feel like the king of the grill.

Grill Master Crate – $109.99
Outside of putting flame to filet and grilling up prize-worthy meals, the next most satisfying of grilling activities is busting open the Grill Master Crate. Its contents are unrivaled in the world of grilling crates: A cast-iron smoker box, BBQ sauce and a spice blend, not to mention its brass knuckles meat tenderizer to help crush any wily meat into delicious submission. This crate has all of the best grilling gifts for men to help get him on his way to grilling domination.

iGrill2 Bluetooth Thermometer – $99.99
Mike always dotes on his guests when they come over for BBQ. But Mike’s NY strip steaks are never juuuust right since he doesn’t pay them enough attention. Don’t be like Mike. Shower love on both guest and grill by using the iGrill2 Bluetooth Thermometer. It has a 150 ft. range so friends can get as much attention as the food, making you the most awesome of hosts. When food reaches the desired temp, a push notification is sent out to your iOS or Android device.

One Bone

Williams-Sonoma Monogrammed Branding Irons – $49.95
Cowboys are wise men. They know to never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear or a fool from any direction. They also know that a steak that has been branded with their initials is a pretty awesome steak. The personalized meat branding iron from Williams-Sonoma is a great way to release anyone’s inner cowpoke. Hand-forged by a Texas cattle rancher, this brand is an authentic mini version of those used to identify livestock. Single, double or triple initials can be selected. Yeehaw!

Weber Rapid Fire Chimney Starter – $17.99
You’ve got a fire burning in your soul to get grilling, but still need a fire in your coals. Don’t make the mistake of using lighter fluid to start things up. Lighter fluid tastes bad. Lighter fluid is for chumps. Don’t let your guy at the grill be a chump. Get him a chimney starter. The Weber Rapid Fire Chimney Starter will get the charcoal nicely burning in no time.

OXO Good Grips Grilling Tongs – $14.99
The smell of burnt forearm hair is a definite turn off for guests. The only thing that should be burning on the grill is meat. Keep hands and arms out of the fire with a proper pair of grilling tongs. OXO Good Grips 16 in. locking tongs are lightweight and sturdy and will keep hands a safe distance from the fire.

Qually United Grill Brush – $12.95
Leftovers are the best, but not when they’re last week’s meat that has adhered to the grill. Keeping a grill in tip-top shape will extend its lifetime while ensuring that crud stays off of guests’ plates. No grit is safe around Qually United’s Grill Brush. It has three—count ‘em, three!—brushes in one and will make short order of big messes.

Char-Broil Live Fire Heavy Duty Chain Basting Brush – $7.99
The art of grilling is much like painting itself. The large cuts of meat are the canvas, the sauce is the paint. Just as Picasso had his tools, a grill master needs the right brush for slopping sauces. The Char-Broil Live Fire Heavy Duty Chain Basting Brush is perfect for basting large amounts of liquid onto food. The brush features extra long oak-finish handles to help keep hands away from the hot grill and a unique design to reduce buildup and make cleanup easier. Like a meaty Picasso, the recipient of this brush will create works of art on the grill that will unfortunately be eaten before they can be sold for millions at auction.

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