The Art of Gifting: 10 Reasons Man Crates Make Better Gifts


Shopping for men can be an unenviable task. They either have everything or hate everything. They rarely drop hints and commonly respond with a not-as-polite-as-they-think smile. You can try to read their minds, but ultimately you end up choosing from the same options that didn’t work last year. This is why bad gifts happen. And it’s also why Man Crates came to be. We recognized this problem and set out to deliver a solution—one site with a variety of curated, fun-to-open gifts for every type of man. So before you cross your fingers and pick something out from the uninspired abyss of traditional men’s gifts, consider the following list.

10 reasons why Man Crates make the best gifts for men

  1. Man Crates gift collections are hand-selected, hand-assembled and handled with care.
    We know the man on your gift list wants something as unique as he is.That’s hard to find. So we make it ourselves.We specialize in one-of-a-kind gifts like the Whiskey and Woodworking CrateAmmo Can Poker SetFolding Knife Making Kit and Jerky Pinata. They’re not typical and they’re definitely not already collecting dust in his closet.
  2. Opening a Man Crate gift is half the fun.
    You thought Aunt Vera’s tape-smothered gift wrapping technique was hard to defeat? Many Man Crates gifts arrive in a firmly sealed wooden crate that is as fun as it is frustrating to open. Actually, scratch that. It is far more frustrating, but it is also more rewarding than snipping a flimsy red ribbon. Bows schmows. Other gifts come in airtight, waterproof, NATO spec. ammo cans or corrugated C-flute cardboard. Want to increase the level of difficulty? We offer a duct tape wrapping option.
  3. Man Crates unite people.
    From cracking a crate open—he’ll want witnesses to his feats of strength (or perhaps a helping hand)—Man Crates gifts are all about bringing people together for memorable gifting experiences.
  4. Giving our gifts is just as exciting as receiving them.
    As a greedy child, it is unlikely that you were able to understand the wisdom behind “to give is to receive.” You just wanted to receive. But now as a mature adult with a heart of gold, you recognize the joy in giving. You want to see a grown man sweat and curse as they break into a crate. And you want to hear that squeal of elation as he gets inside the crate, ammo can or project kit.
  5. Man Crates gifts speak to the recipient.
    How? With personalization. Sure, giving a Santoku knife to the man who loves to cook is great, but if that knife also has his name etched right on the blade, like in the Personalized Chef Pack, now that’s an awesome gift. Our top-of-the-line lasering machines etch names right onto wood, metal or glass, making your gift personal and unstealable.
  6. Man Crates Customer Champions are nicer than your favorite sibling, best friend and most loyal hound all rolled into one.
    Not all customer service reps are interested in the service aspect of things. They’re more interested in making someone cry. Not true at Man Crates. While we don’t take ourselves seriously (pictured), we take your questions very seriously. A quick contact will result in a quick solution, all with no tears (except perhaps those of joy).
  7. Whatever he’s into, Man Crates has the right gift.
    Looking for gifts for the whiskey drinker, the DIYer, the jerky aficionado, the sports fan, the butcher, the baker, the burlwood pipe maker? Look no further. Grilling, eating, drinking, woodcarving, playing games, golfing, hunting and general outdoors-ing—we’ve got it all covered.
  8. Man Crates may be hard to open, but they’re incredibly easy to buy.
    As a kid, the mall was the coolest place to hang out. As an adult, it is quite possibly the worst place on Earth. If you can find a parking spot, the crowds of kids who think the mall is cool will just make you want to yell, “Get off my lawn!” even though you’re not at your house and you may not actually have a lawn. Buying from Man Crates eliminates all the irritating lines and irritated salespeople. Our site is easy to navigate, making emotional and technical shopping meltdowns a thing of the past.
  9. Man Crates gifts stack up favorably against the other gift options out there.
    “How nice, a lobster necktie, just what I wanted.” Don’t force a guy to lie when he opens another box of crew socks or a gift card to the store you think he likes. With crates, ammo cans and projects, you’ll always find something new and exciting at Man Crates. But if you just can’t decide, the Smash and Grab Gift Card is a “solid” go-to gift. Like a crate, it requires a certain amount of destruction and, once smashed open, it reveals a code for a gift card redeemable at a variety of cool brands.
  10. Man Crates gifts are bragworthy.
    What man wouldn’t tell his friends he got an awesome Office Golf Crate? And who wouldn’t boast about giving the Personalized Camp Axe Crate, inspired by Nick Offerman? In fact, you may want to record the opening and share the moment of glory (or embarrassment) with your social circle.