Ammo Can Uses That’ll Flip Your Lid

Hands On

We may be called Man Crates, but we deliver awesome gifts for men in other conveyances, too. Like the ammo can. Obviously, “Man Ammo Cans” didn’t quite have the same ring to it. Anyway, carrying heaps of bullets clutched to your chest with both arms seems like the worst fool’s errand in the history of mankind. That’s what the military was thinking when they started using the ammo can back in World War II. Usually labeled with the quantity, caliber and lot number, metal ammo cans could be easily transported and stored by soldiers in an orderly fashion. Turns out, the military is quite fond of order.

After completing its tour of duty, the ammo can has become widely adopted as a case or frame for a bevy of household objects. We’ve pulled together some of its more outstanding and outrageous uses, including a few ammo can gifts drawn up by our very own gadget gurus. Most are available for purchase. Others are only available on a DIY basis.

Outdoor Survival Kit $74.99
If an outdoorsman’s survival kit can’t outlast the elements, well, then it really might as well be My First Sewing Kit. We’ve removed every ounce of doubt by packing a collapsible shovel, paracord knife with Firestarter and various sustenance supplies into a waterproof, indestructible 30-cal ammo can, aka mini Fort Knox.

Steampunk Industrial Ammunition Box Lamp $129
We were half-expecting a Mad Max-looking,goggled dude out of frame to be powering this lamp by pedal. In reality, you just plug it in. It’s made to order with an antique brass keyed socket, black steel pipe, a vintage Edison light bulb and 40,000 watts of inspiring ingenuity.

Evil Dead Chainsaw Murse $160
When the zombies come—and it’s just a matter of time—those with chainsaw blades embedded in their personal effects will be the survivors. For the record, the manufacturer technically calls this a “purse,” but a more masculine carryall we have not encountered.

Ammo Can Poker Set $99.99
You don’t have to hustle the other privates in the barracks out of their canteen cash like Dewey Oxburger in Stripes to appreciate this casino-quality chip set. Though showing up to your weekly game with an ammo can under your arm is a sure-fire intimidation tactic.

Ammo Boombox $200
Boom, goes the dynamite…audio experience! This pimped-out ammo can pumps out the beats with two 200-watt Bluetooth speakers. Any man would be proud to hoist this bad boy up on his shoulder.

Ammo Fire Can
This modified ammo can gives new meaning to the term “fire in the hole.” Simply pop it in the car, take it to a camp site, roast some s’mores and gather ‘round for a scary story about an axe-wielding madman who’s recently escaped from the nearby asylum.

Cigar Humidor Ammo Can
Every occasion to smoke a cigar is a special one. After all, someone somewhere just had a baby, got engaged or foiled a notorious villain’s plot to take over the world. A cigar that’s too dry or too soggy can really put a damper on the celebration. That’s where the humidor ammo can comes in. It stores your supply in an optimal spa-like environment to ensure every satisfying puff is juuust right.