A Man Crates Salute to Our Troops


At Man Crates, from time to time, we send off military donations to excellent service men who write in and express their rough road as they serve in harsh places. Usually they just want something simple to remind them of home, so we ship them a Jerkygram or Coffee Ammo Can in the hopes of boosting morale.

One of the things that we feel makes Man Crates stand out from the crowd is the fact that we really do care about folks, especially our guys overseas. Recently SGT Nelson Quinones, aka Sgt. Q, wrote in with this message:

“My name is Sgt. Nelson J. Quinones. I am currently in Iraq in a very remote and isolated location. My unit is the 101st abn (aa) 2nd bct 1-502 bco. I have had the same 3 T-shirts for 5 months. I have not received ado due to the fact that it is a b*tch to get us ado because we are far from the flag pole and attached to another unit. We need help bad. Our plate carriers are falling apart and our pants are ripped to sh*t. Supplies are few and far between. We have been washing our clothes with buckets and bottled water. Our assault packs are completely ripped to shreds and held together with 550 cord and 100 mph tape. I obviously wouldn’t ask you for all of that. That would be selfish and, honestly, not your job, but please, we need help. Anything would help. Thank you! – Sgt. Q”

As we mentioned, our usual protocol would be to send off a crate or a jerkygram or two and everyone’s happy. Well, in this case some of our great people in the warehouse wouldn’t let ordinary stand. One manager saw the donation ticket and wanted to do a little bit more. He reached out to an former Man Crates employee who served as a marine (and also as a master shipper for Man Crates) in years past. Together, they picked up basic supplies—deodorant, baby wipes (very handy for cleaning without proper shower), toothpaste etc. They packed up all of those toiletries as well a bunch of Man Crates shirts, duct tape and some extra supplies to send with the crate donation.
They didn’t stop there. The guys included our logo, expertly crafted from duct tape—with a hidden bonus: On the flip side of our logo was an American flag. They even asked Sgt. Q for the unit’s insignia. Of course, they created that out of duct tape, too.

Here’s the response we received from Sgt. Q:

“To my homies at Man Crates that answered the call, thank you! The boys loved the crates and you have made friends for life. Trevor, you are a godsend and you make me proud to know Americans like you. Stay dangerous. Again thanks to all of you guys on behalf of the brave men of bulldog company.” – Sgt. Q

This is a great example of how a little extra effort can have a big impact halfway around the world. Even the simplest gift with some extra thought behind it can change the course of someone’s day, week, month or year.

Much of our gift collection takes a cue from the rugged, battle-tested gear our soldiers rely on every day. Our newest military-grade creation is the Ammo Can Speaker Kit. It has all the parts and steps for a guy to build a Bluetooth speaker out of a genuine ammo can. It makes a great gift for music fans and do-it-yourselfers. They just unpack it, put it together and pump up the volume.