Essentials Tools for Writing the Next Great American Novel


In this glorious age of everything digital, the tablet may seem mightier than the pen, but it’s not. Writing is a craft that has stood the test of time. And even though our John Hancocks have been replaced by electronic signatures and finger scanners, good writing chops still persevere. At Man Crates, we’ve always aimed at being forward thinking and quick-witted with our words. But we know not all great gifts come in crates. While we’re busy conjuring up a crate worthy of Shakespearean brilliance, here are eight of our favorite gifts to whet the appetite of the wordsmith in your life.

College ruled notebooks are a thing of past. Forget the word disposable and get your Robert Frost a legit leather notebook—complete with refillable pages and well-suited for wear and tear.

Some people whistle while they work, others write while they shower. If your damp scribe is the type to have flashes of brilliance while bathing, this waterproof notepad should do the trick.

Good writers read, but great writers read a lot. Inspiration always works best when combined with study, so these page nibs place markers will come in handy when gleaning wisdom from Tennison and the like.

Even though most writers have succumbed to the pressures of technology, the brave traditionalists still face their creative demons with pen and ink. This timeless set is sure to excite the creative who writes on the go..

Any good writer has a certain affinity for the smell of old books. Maybe it’s the combination of paper and musk, but there’s something about the scent that harkens back to the days of the Dewey Decimal System.

Albert Einstein said “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” We think it’s up to the owner to decide; but cluttered or not, this desk fits the bill. With its simple lines and user-friendly design, this desk will be the perfect place to pass the time working on one’s craft.

Any writer who’s ever sat down to face the grueling task of putting pen to paper has experienced writer’s block. It’s an impenetrable forcefield that blocks all creative genius from entering the brain waves. This block of wood may not be cure-all needed for this debilitating episode of brain farts, but if chucked properly, it’s been known to help break through whatever’s blocking that genius from flowing.

Even though writing is a lifelong commitment, it’s healthy to get away at times to reset. And while we don’t have a writer-geared product yet, this book is the perfect cover to make it look like a writer is working and totally not enjoying some tasty elixir (cough, cough).