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The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

Give your man a Valentine’s Day gift as unique and special as he is. We curate gear, flavors, and activities he’ll love, then add unique packaging and free personalization. Celebrate your love with an unforgettable Valentine’s Day gift for him!

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Grand Jerky Heart

Amazing Jerky & Snack Gifts

There’s sweet jerky for an extra treat, spicy jerky to bring the heat, or exotic jerky for when he’s feeling a little wild. Whether you’re saying “thinking of you,” “get well soon,” or “have a great day,” nothing says it better than jerky.

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Brut Strength Champagne Crate

Beer, Whiskey & Cocktail Gifts

From carefully measuring his cocktail ingredients to making vacation plans around brewery stops, he’s a man who enjoys the finer things. Reward his great taste in liquor and life with our keg-sized collection of drinking gifts.

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Fondue Donuts

Grilling & Cooking Gifts

He loves firing up the most flavorful meals for friends and family. Thank him for his exceptional service as the friendly neighborhood grill master with tried-and-true grilling tools and gourmet seasoning. It’s a win-win!

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Hot Sauce Making

Fun DIY For Your Guy

From fixing the dishwasher to roasting his own coffee beats he loves to do things himself. And that works out pretty well...most of the time. Celebrate his DIY spirit with fun and functional projects the whole family can enjoy.

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Bass Whisperer Crate

Sports & Activity Gifts

Every guy unwinds differently. Some love the shouts and sizzles of a backyard bash, and others prefer the peace and quiet of a weekend in the wilderness. Take him to his flow state, wherever it is, with these unique sports and outdoor gifts.

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Burning Love Mini Crate

Personalized Made Just For Him

There’s nothing more memorable than a gift made just for him. From classy barware to man cave decor, these personalized gifts will celebrate his name and class up his home.

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Barrel Sign - Anniversary

Man Cave Must Haves

Man Caves are a great for space for guys to hang out, explore new hobbies, and generally be left to their own devices. Unfortunately for some, “left to their own devices” doesn’t always make for the most…presentable…space. We’ve designed a garage-ful of gifts he’ll display with pride. From personalized neon signs to cocktail-specific glassware, he’ll be able to show off his space with pride.

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Personalized Mug Mini Crate

Gifts for Hard Workers

Whether they’re an intern, executive, client, or cubicle-mate, these fun gifts might open new doors or close that big deal! Plus, our customer champions are here to help with any bulk orders! Email or text (866) 258-4265.

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Pint Set Ammo Can

Hard To Shop For Him?

Man Crates makes every gift unforgettable. We curate gear, flavors, and activities he’ll love, then add unique opening experiences and free personalization. No matter the occasion, we’ll help you find his perfect gift in a flash!

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Smash and Grab

Exciting Birthday Gifts

What’s the most epic way to celebrate his big day? How about giving the birthday boy a one-of-a-kind gift experience! We’ve got everything from cocktail collections to sweet snacks, DIY maker projects, and more. And of course, jerky.

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Exotic Meats Grand Bouquet - Overhead

Heart-Throbbing Anniversary Gifts

Another wonderful year together is almost a gift on its own! Almost. This year, romance him with snacks, barware, personalized gear, and tons of other unforgettable anniversary gifts…not that he’d ever forget your anniversary.

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Exciting Gifts
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We believe giving gifts should be exciting, not just a formality.

Man Crates makes it fun and easy to find unique, meaningful gifts for all the men in your life.

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