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Zombie Suppression Crate

Made of forged steel, the Elk Ridge Machete is the ultimate close range weapon. Throw if necessary.
  • Made of forged steel, the Elk Ridge Machete is the ultimate close range weapon. Throw if necessary.
  • A well-treated wound can be the difference between alive and undead. Treat yourself!
  • First aid, nourishment, and heavy-duty Gorilla Tape (what can't you do with duct tape).
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The Fully Equipped Team

After 13 days with little to boost our spirits, the salvage team hit the jackpot. In a warehouse full of rotten food and useless electronics we found a crate full of exactly what we needed.

A Serious Arsenal

The defense crew immediately claimed the MTech USA Axe--while the knife wields a little close for my tastes, it can dispatch a walker in a pinch. The axe is an all-purpose wrecking tool. This is not a toy.

Crucial Provisions

The first aid kit was also badly needed, and the patrol team looked like kids on Christmas when they saw the roll of duct tape. Heck, they even scavenged the wood from crate itself to shore up the gaps in our fences. The survival guide went a long way toward rebuilding the team's morale and reassuring us that there are probably others out there, fighting to live in this post-apocalyptic world.

And needless to say, you can never have too much spam.

Keep Evil at Bay:

  • Elk Ridge Machete
    • 12.9" 3mm stainless steel blade
    • Black double injection handle
    •  NOT A TOY 
  • MTech USA 11" Axe

Combat Essentials

  • Zombie Survival Guide (Max Brooks)
  • Zombie Flashlight
  • First Aid Kit
  • Duct Tape
  • Spam. Delicious, delicious Spam.


In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar. No bow, no ribbons, no fluff, and absolutely no instructions.

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    Product Reviews

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    1. 04/12/2016 Alyssa Duncan Zombie Suppression Crate 4

      Love this but...

      This crate was great and my boyfriend loved it so much that my sister bought one for her husband. The only problem is we can't figure out what size batteries fit in the flashlight. AA's are too small and C's are too big. If this is some kind of obvious answer you have every right to make fun of us.(:


      Hey there! We'd never make fun of you! We're pretty sure that your flashlight should fit AA batteries. Try putting them in (even if they're loose) and see if they'll power that sucker up. If that doesn't work, give us a buzz at 866-902-7260. We'll help make sure that, one way or another, you've got a working flashlight to help fend of the hoards of the undead.

    2. 02/22/2016 Khala Zombie Suppression Crate 5


      My fiance loved the gift! It was perfect, he had a blast opening the crate and shifting through the items in the box. Perfect gift for zombie lovers. Also it was delivered right when they said it would be. Couldn't be happier with the experience.

    3. 01/15/2016 Elizabeth Zombie Suppression Crate 5

      Gift for my son

      He had a little trouble opening the sealed crate, maybe use a little less glue lol when he finally managed to remove the lid, he was ecstatic with what was inside, and almost immediately started reading the book. Other family members were like where did you get that.
      I saw him a couple of days after Christmas and he was about finished with it. He said it was the coolest gift ever and said he was going home to cook the Spam lol I knew I made a great choice in this gift

    4. 01/11/2016 Candy Morton Zombie Suppression Crate 5

      Zombie Suppression Crate

      the Zombie Suppression crate was so cool that I had my brother build a case for all its contents for my husband for Christmas so it could be hung on the wall I wish I could attach a photo for you to see, glass reads break glass in case of Zombies !

    5. 12/30/2015 Liz Greer Zombie Suppression Crate 5

      Awesome Gift

      This was an awesome gift the Zombie Suppression crate. It was difficult to get into which made it even more fun. The items in the crate were much better quality than I thought it was going to be. Thanks for the fun gift.

    6. 12/26/2015 Kate Zombie Suppression Crate 5

      Best Christmas Gift

      My husband and I don't usually exchange gifts at Christmas. But on a fluke I stumbled on the website and was immediately intrigued! One of our long running jokes is, the zombie apocalypse, and you never know and should be prepared! So the choice was a no-brainer! The crate shipped quickly and was here pretty much the next day. I ordered the extra duct tape option, which was awesome. The crate itself was sealed as stated, and was a little tricky to open, had to get a hammer and really whack the crowbar, but I think that just added to the mystery of it all. The whole time he kept saying, "What is this??" When he got it open, he was laughing at the contents, LOVED the knives and hatchet, and his "favorite" was the can of Spam! HA! He loved his crate, and my daughter and I had a blast picking it out and watching him open it! He showed everyone who came over, "Look at my man crate!" All in all, the perfect gift!!! Will definitely be ordering from you again! Thank you!

    7. 10/30/2015 Carolyn Zombie Suppression Crate 5

      Loved it!

      I bought this for my notoriously hard to please husband for his birthday. His initial reaction when the box arrived was--send it back! But our 3 year old was able to convince him to at least open it. Once he was able to open the crate, he immediately began opening the tools and inspecting them. He was happy and it was my first successful gift in years! Thank you!!!

    8. 09/5/2015 Dan Zombie Suppression Crate 4

      Best Gift Ever But was Unsealed

      I sent the Medium sized Zombie Crate to my nephew in another state. It arrived very quickly and we wanted to make him wait till his birthday (2 day) before he could open it, WITH US ON THE PHONE TO HEAR HIM TRY TO PRY IT OPEN - 1. The outer mailer box says man crate all over it, so he sorta knew how to look that up and see what he might be getting an d 2. (The Worst) - the crate was NOT SEALED, THE LID CAME OFF WHEN HE OPENED THE BOX, HE SAID LOOKED LIKE IT MAY HAVE BEEN GLUED DOWN. - NOW HAMMERED DOWN SO HE WOULD HAVE TO OPEN WITH A CROW BAR, WHICH WAS OUR EXCITEMENT TO LISTEN TO OVER THE PHONE. DUD -
      He did however rant and rave that it was the best gift EVER, and posted it on FB for all to see. HE said all the items were of good quality, and he is Military so guess he should know. He liked the crate itself to put his gear in, but would have liked to pried it open. It seems like someone in the warehouse getting lazy, and just ran a string of glue around it which did not stick. All & All it was a good item, a little pricey and shipping was high.



      Hey there Dan, sorry to hear your crate arrived open!! That is definitely not the experience we wanted your nephew to have! Give us a call at 866-902-7260 and we'll make it right, promise!

    9. 08/7/2015 Gabby Zombie Suppression Crate 5


      My boyfriend was absolutely floored by this present and couldn't stop raving about it! I would recommend it in a heartbeat and will for sure buy from here again!!

    10. 06/25/2015 Ashleigh Zombie Suppression Crate 5

      Said to be 'Best Father's Day gift ever!'

      I moved to New York and sent this back to my dad in Ohio for Father's Day, as I'm on the phone with him and he is opening his crate (which sounded HILARIOUS I might add) all I can hear in the background is him yelling "COOL! OH MY GOSH! WOW SWEET! SPAM!" and it was the highlight of my day and his. Thanks to Mancrates for helping this newly New Yorker feel like she could really make her dad's day.

      P.S. I get texts frequently about him hacking things in the back yard 'practicing' for the apocalypse

    11. 06/2/2015 Milly Zombie Suppression Crate 5

      Loved it!

      When I came across man crates the decision for what to get my husband for his birthday was made. The delivery went smoothly and they delivered the perfect gift. Thank you so much!

    12. 05/29/2015 Joyce Zombie Suppression Crate 5


      I bought this for my husband for our 6th Anniversary, he loved it!! Been showing your website to anyone I know.

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    5/5 for 48 Zombie Suppression Crate reviews
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