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Zombie Suppression Crate

  • Take back the upper hand with this stash of supplies. Equipped with a Gerber® machete and axe/knife combo.
  • For covert, low-profile travel through hostile territory, the Gerber® Gator Machete Jr. is the perfect machete for lightweight travel.
  • Made of forged steel, the Gerber® Gator Combo Axe features Gerber's signature Gator grip and includes an additional knife in the handle. The ultimate close range weapon. Throw if necessary.
  • First aid, survival guide and heavy-duty Gorilla Tape (what can't you do with duct tape).
Orders received M-F by 3pm ET will be shipped same day. Weekend orders ship on Monday.

Zombie Suppression Crate

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The Fully Equipped Team

After 13 days with little to boost our spirits, the salvage team hit the jackpot. In a warehouse full of rotten food and useless electronics we found a crate full of exactly what we needed.

A Serious Arsenal
The defense crew immediately claimed the Gerber® Gator Combo Axe—while the knife wields a little close for my tastes, it can dispatch a walker in a pinch. The axe is an all-purpose wrecking tool. This is not a toy.

Crucial Provisions 
The first aid kit was also badly needed, and the patrol team looked like kids on Christmas when they saw the roll of duct tape. Heck, they even scavenged the wood from crate itself to shore up the gaps in our fences. The survival guide went a long way toward rebuilding the team’s morale and reassuring us that there are probably others out there, fighting to live in this post-apocalyptic world.

And needless to say, you can never have too many Twinkies.

ribbon-icon.png We have shipped our last Twinkies.

A can of Spam will be substituted until a solution to this crisis is reached.



Keep evil at bay:

  • Gerber® Gator Machete Junior
    • 10.75" high-carbon steel blade
    • Gator-Grip
    • NOT A TOY
  • Gerber® Gator Combo Axe and Knife


Essentials for the fight:

  • Zombie Survival Guide (Max Brooks)
  • Zombie Flashlight
  • First Aid Kit
  • Duct Tape
  • Spam. Delicious, delicious Spam.


In a sealed wooden machete case with a laser-etched crowbar, without bows, ribbons or fluff.

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Product Reviews

  1. Totally Deadly!!!!!

    Posted by D on 03/17/2014 ( Zombie Suppression Crate 5 stars)

    This purchase was for my spectacular outta control fiance! He LOVED IT!!!! You guys did a great job with my request and we will def be back in future!!!! :-)

  2. Walker be gone!!!

    Posted by Jonathan Surprenant on 03/11/2014 ( Zombie Suppression Crate 5 stars)

    I Love this crate! Got it from my awesome brother for Christmas and it rocks! use the machete and axe for fishing and everything else went in my bug-out bag!!!! Just ordered 6 man crates for my groomsmen gifts for my wedding!

  3. Pretty Awesome but....SPAM instead of Twinkies?!

    Posted by Tim on 02/18/2014 ( Zombie Suppression Crate 4 stars)

    I loved the Man Crate, my wife opted for this instead of a "traditional" Valentine's Day gift...chocolates for men? Psstttt, I'll take a Gerber tree chopper any day. Only gripe...SPAM? I live in Hawaii, finding SPAM is like finding a cockroach in the slums, every where. Twinkies on the other hand? Priceless. Get the Twinkies back! Other than that, awesome crate!

  4. Best Gift Ever

    Posted by Katrina on 02/18/2014 ( Zombie Suppression Crate 5 stars)

    My boyfriend loved the Zombie Suppression Crate. All of his friends were jealous and I have now been deemed the Best Girlfriend Ever!

  5. My husband loved it!

    Posted by Jennifer Smith on 02/10/2014 ( Zombie Suppression Crate 5 stars)

    I ordered my husband the Zombie Suppression crate for Valentines Day and he loved it. His exact words were "Knifes and Zombies ,hell yes!". Will definitely think about Man Crates for future gifts.

  6. Best present of the year

    Posted by Rae on 01/2/2014 ( Zombie Suppression Crate 5 stars)

    I got this for my husband for Christmas and he absolutely loved it! He loved the book, the tools, and even the Spam. We'll definitely be ordering more in the future.

  7. Perfect for the man with everything!

    Posted by Mindy on 11/19/2013 ( Zombie Suppression Crate 5 stars)

    This is my second order from Man Crates. Once again a complete home run! My son told me he opened the box and said, " Ohhhhh man......this is gonna be good!" Then he proceeded with the crowbar, prying open the crate, finding all the zombie suppression tools. He ab-so-lute-ly LOVED IT! Fun, yet useful---ya never know when you might need a machete. :)
    James was amazing, just like he was the first time he helped me with my order. You will not find better customer service anywhere.
    Thank you Man Crates, thank you James!!!


    Posted by Amber Scholl on 10/13/2013 ( Zombie Suppression Crate 5 stars)

    This was seriously the best gift I ever got for my husband. The items are not toys. They are real and good quality. My husband absolutely loved this. I will shop from man crates in the future. LOVED!!!!!!!!!