Zombie Suppression Crate

Take back the upper hand with this stash of supplies. Equipped with a Gerber® machete and axe/knife combo.
  • Take back the upper hand with this stash of supplies. Equipped with a Gerber® machete and axe/knife combo.
  • For covert, low-profile travel through hostile territory, the Gerber® Gator Machete Jr. is the perfect machete for lightweight travel.
  • Made of forged steel, the Gerber® Gator Combo Axe features Gerber's signature Gator grip and includes an additional knife in the handle. The ultimate close range weapon. Throw if necessary.
  • First aid, survival guide and heavy-duty Gorilla Tape (what can't you do with duct tape).
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The Fully Equipped Team

After 13 days with little to boost our spirits, the salvage team hit the jackpot. In a warehouse full of rotten food and useless electronics we found a crate full of exactly what we needed.

A Serious Arsenal

The defense crew immediately claimed the Gerber® Gator Combo Axe--while the knife wields a little close for my tastes, it can dispatch a walker in a pinch. The axe is an all-purpose wrecking tool. This is not a toy.

Crucial Provisions

The first aid kit was also badly needed, and the patrol team looked like kids on Christmas when they saw the roll of duct tape. Heck, they even scavenged the wood from crate itself to shore up the gaps in our fences. The survival guide went a long way toward rebuilding the team's morale and reassuring us that there are probably others out there, fighting to live in this post-apocalyptic world.

And needless to say, you can never have too much spam.

Keep Evil at Bay:

  • Gerber® Gator Machete Junior
    • 10.75" high-carbon steel blade
    • Gator-Grip
    •  NOT A TOY 
  • Gerber® Gator Combo Axe and Knife

Combat Essentials

  • Zombie Survival Guide (Max Brooks)
  • Zombie Flashlight
  • First Aid Kit
  • Duct Tape
  • Spam. Delicious, delicious Spam.


In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar. No bow, no ribbons, no fluff, and absolutely no instructions.

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    Product Reviews

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    1. 12/3/2014 Unknown Zombie Suppression Crate 4

      Great product, but with the cost of shipping I'm not sure it was worth it.

      Great gift, fast shipping, but unfortunately shipping is a little pricey so chances I'll order again are slim.

    2. 11/16/2014 Carl Cook Zombie Suppression Crate 5

      My second time

      This is my second purchase of the Zombie Suppression Crate. A couple years ago, I bought one for myself and used it as the basis of a 3-day emergency kit for my car... My son and daughter-in-law saw the crate and loved it so I ordered them one as a Christmas present... I am so glad I ordered early as it appears they are currently sold out...

    3. 11/8/2014 Unknown Zombie Suppression Crate 4

      pretty awesome!!

      I bought this as a birthday gift for my boyfriend I was so eager to get it and finally it was delivered!! I had ordered the crate unsealed so I could put more things in it when I opened it was pretty Awesome these are definitely worth it!

    4. 10/31/2014 shawna m Zombie Suppression Crate 5

      the BOMB!!

      Buggy this for my dad's bday. He LOVED it!! The crate itself and the challenge in opening it makes the goodies inside super awesome once you get in there. He loved it so MCH he took a pic of it all and put it on Facebook. Next order I'm getting the duck tape wrapping around the crate! What will you guys think of next?!
      PS. I have an idea...some of the men in our family love working on cars, handy unique tools would be a great theme.

    5. 07/31/2014 Corina Carrillo Zombie Suppression Crate 4

      Husband loved it, crate a disappointment!

      I ordered the zombie crate several weeks ago for my husbands birthday and today was the day. He is convinced zombies will eventually take over the world and actually excited at the idea, well kind of. LOVED the duct taped box and so did he however very disappointed the top of the crate was not glued down so he could use the crow bar. There was glue on the top and bottom but not even a corner was stuck. Agree with another comment post the stamped MAN CRATES on the box could have been better. Yes, would have liked the Twinkies over spam but knew the spam was part of it as it was identified prior to placing my order. I would still recommend to others and probably will order again for a different occasion.


      Hey Corina,

      So sorry to hear the crate arrived unsealed! This happens very infrequently and we'd like to help make it right for you! Give us a call at 866-902-7260 and we'll make it right, promise.

    6. 07/22/2014 Laura Barber Zombie Suppression Crate 3

      No Twinkies!

      I bought the Zombie Crate for my husband for our anniversary. Cute idea. A little disappointed in the crate. I expected it to be something to keep as a novelty item, it was a bit messed up and some of the stamps were on partially. No Twinkies? What were you thinking? Over all this was a expensive but cool novelty item. You received 3 stars because of the price.
      Man Crates Edit:

      Hi Laura, we're sorry to hear that you were disappointed in the condition of the crate when it arrived. We'd be happy to help, give our customer champions a call at 866-902-7260 and we'll make it right!

      Also, just wanted to address the Twinkies. When they were retired we retired them from our crate, not expecting a return. When they did come back we had a public vote on our Facebook page to choose whether or not we should re-introduce them to our Zombie Survival line of crates, the people spoke and Twinkies lost...for now.

    7. 07/17/2014 E Zombie Suppression Crate 1

      Completely Useless Gift

      My wife bought this for my birthday and I gasped in disbelief. #1 Zombies are pretend and don't exist. #2 I served two tours in Afghanistan. Should've saved the money for a M4 carbine or a Sig Sauer pistol... I'd rather shoot at Taliban, Al Qaeda, or home invaders. Good thing she bought the beer lover kit too. That was cool.

    8. 06/23/2014 Katherine Smith Zombie Suppression Crate 5

      loved it! perfect birthday gift for my husband. .

      I was so excited to receive it when my husband opened it he loved it the only disappointment was we got spam when I was expecting twinkies! Still an amazing gift for anyone.. will recommended and buy again..

    9. 06/17/2014 DonnaK Zombie Suppression Crate 5

      Unique and awesome!

      Got this as a Father's Day present for my son from my grandson! He loved it! We paid the extra for the "duct tape gift wrapping" and it was well worth it. Shipping was really fast & I am VERY satisfied with this purchase!! Thanks!

    10. 06/16/2014 Greg's Wife Zombie Suppression Crate 4

      A total hit!

      Daughter bought this for Father's Day. Hubby thought maybe it was a bomb. He kept eyeballing the crate like was gonna explode. He loved it. Actually, the Spam was delicious. Better than I remember as a child. The only thing that I thought was missing was a sheaf for the little knife. Now I need to find one cause that little booger is SHARP. That's why 4 stars instead of 5. But over all, a fantastic gift!


      Hey there Greg's Wife,

      Just wanted to follow up on your review's comment regarding the smaller knife that accompanies the hatchet. There is actually a magnetic holder built into in the handle of the hatchet that is specifically designed to hold that sharp little bugger. You probably have already discovered this , but we wanted to let you know just in case. As always we're here to help, if you have trouble finding the holder give us a call at 866-902-7260 and we'll put our hatchet experts on the line with you to help!

    11. 03/17/2014 D Zombie Suppression Crate 5

      Totally Deadly!!!!!

      This purchase was for my spectacular outta control fiance! He LOVED IT!!!! You guys did a great job with my request and we will def be back in future!!!! :-)

    12. 03/11/2014 Jonathan Surprenant Zombie Suppression Crate 5

      Walker be gone!!!

      I Love this crate! Got it from my awesome brother for Christmas and it rocks! use the machete and axe for fishing and everything else went in my bug-out bag!!!! Just ordered 6 man crates for my groomsmen gifts for my wedding!

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