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Smooth Face Mini Crate

Fear not, with our luxurious Smooth Face Mini Crate his scraggly beard will be no more
  • Fear not, with our luxurious Smooth Face Mini Crate his scraggly beard will be no more
  • A shaving assortment fit for a bare-faced king
  • Treat those shaving scars with our cooling after shave and alum bar
  • Treat those shaving scars with our cooling after shave and alum bar
  • A little spritz here and there will make your whole face feel better
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The Golden Age of Grooming

Frank Sinatra, Humphrey Bogart, James Dean. Men with so much class, universities had to sign non-compete clauses to build near their homes. But the greats didn’t start out that way. First, they shaved the stubble.

There’s something about a clean shaven face that exudes a cool confidence. It says, “I plan on moving out of my parents’ basement,” or, “I care enough to make sure bugs aren’t living on my face.”

It’s a small act with a big payoff, but a great shave starts long before the razor touches skin. The Smooth Face Mini Crate has everything needed to get a shave classy enough to earn its own invite to the 1955 Academy Awards.

Big Win for Bare Skin

Razor burn has always been the unwelcome party guest of a close shave, but using the wrong products might result in more cuts than an editor’s first year of film school.

The premium shave oil and shaving cream from Renegade work in tandem to soften the skin, banish the burn, and prep the cheeks for a silver screen-worthy shave.

For aftercare, we’ve included a bottle of premium cooling aftershave and the same durable towel the neighborhood barber uses. There’s also an all-natural Alum Bar, the swiss army knife of facial hygiene.

Whether his face is a forest by noon or still a few days from a five o’clock shadow, the Smooth Face Mini Crate ensures the entire shave will be as elegant as the man wielding the razor.

Face Buffers

  • Renegade Shaving Cream, 4 oz
  • Renegade Shave Oil, 2 oz
  • Renegade Alum Bar, 45g
  • Renegade After Shave, 4 oz
  • Hand Towel


In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar. No bow, no ribbons, no fluff, and absolutely no instructions.

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    Product Reviews

    1. 06/21/2017 Lynn K Smooth Face Mini Crate 5

      The BEST!

      Dad couldn't stop laughing over this! He said it took him 40 minutes to open his crate and had to use a hammer, but it was worth it. He loved the skin product and said it gave I'm a super smooth shave. Thanks for the FUN PERFECT GIFT!

    2. 06/19/2017 Miranda Smooth Face Mini Crate 5

      Shot Through the Heart

      My dad just recently had to have triple bypass surgery and has been limited on the amount of salt he can consume (alas I had to skip over the great food crates). When this new product came up I was ecstatic! My dad shaves every single morning and I already knew he would love the smell. On Father's Day, he opened his awesome crate that was happily opening each precious bottle and trying out the after shave. Thank you so much for making his day!!!

    5/5 for 2 Smooth Face Mini Crate reviews
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