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Coffee Percolator Crate

The Coffee Percolator Crate is the old-fashioned way to brew eight cups of classic cowboy coffee in the comforts of the kitchen or campground.
  • The Coffee Percolator Crate is the old-fashioned way to brew eight cups of classic cowboy coffee in the comforts of the kitchen or campground.
  • This enamel coated steel percolator is dishwasher and campfire safe. It’s designed to get your water hot and bothered, so it will co-mingle with coffee grounds at an intense temperature.
  • Is that your name beautifully laser-engraved on two stainless steel mugs? You bet it is! Is it spelled correctly? We sure hope so!
  • A family-roasted San Francisco tradition since 1924, these gourmet grounds taste great and will make your morning self more enjoyable to be around. No offense.
  • With no refined sugar, grains, dairy, or soy, these organic nutrition bars are good for your health. But don’t let that fool you, they actually taste pretty good.
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Don't Trust the Robo-Barista

If your coffee machine has more buttons and settings than your cell phone, it’s not just making coffee, it’s making a fool out of you.

We take our coffee seriously and therefore don’t trust relinquishing the brewing responsibilities to some tastebud-less robots that wouldn’t know a good cup of joe if it short-circuited their insides.

Humans have been making quality coffee since well before the Electric Age. Lewis and Clark weren’t lugging around a generator to schedule their morning mug, and Davy Crockett wasn’t fiddling to connect his coffee maker to wi-fi at the Alamo. They were percolating.

The Power of Percolation

The Coffee Percolator Crate is the old-fashioned way to brew eight cups of classic cowboy coffee in the comforts of the kitchen or campground.

By placing the steel percolator over a heat source, hot water cycles over and seeps through the coffee grounds until the brew has reached its desired strength. No cords, pre-settings, or bluetooth signals necessary, just the skilled sensibilities of a newfound coffee connoisseur.

The gourmet grounds of San Francisco’s famed, family-roasted Peerless Extra Dark French Roast are the perfect percolation partners for simple-brewed, caffeine fuel. And the grounds will stay fresh over time with the fancy, hybrid coffee scooper bag clip.

That Mug Life

We’re not anti-robot by any means. We just prefer to reserve their skills for cooler, non-coffee lasers. We majorly voided the warranty on our Mr. Coffee by installing lasers and programing it to engrave personalized names onto 15 oz. stainless steel mugs.

And while double fisting pure caffeine is effective, it’s not the most balanced of breakfasts, so we’re rounding it out with two Simple Squares Bars. Despite having zero refined sugar, grains, dairy, or soy, and being healthy, they actually taste pretty good.

The circle of life is held together by a cycling of caffeine, and the Coffee Percolator Crate is the best way to brew robust coffee exactly to taste.

Percolation Station

  • Blue Enamel Percolator (8 cups)
  • 2 Personalized Stainless Steel Mugs
  • Coffee Scooper/Bag Clip

Balanced Breakfast

  • Peerless Extra Dark French Roast (Ground)
  • 2 Simple Squares Bars
    (Coffee and Cinna-Clove)


In a sealed, wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar. No bow, no ribbons, no fluff, and absolutely no instructions.

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    Product Reviews

    1. 06/16/2016 Age Coffee Percolator Crate 5

      Amazing Gift

      I ordered this for my boyfriend, to be delivered on a certain date, as I would not be in town at that time and wanted him to be surprised. He absolutely loved it. He is a devoted coffee drinker and the ability to personalize the mugs to him was a huge plus factor. Thank you ManCrates for being so adaptive to my situation and ensuring he received the gift; with special instructions upon delivery. I have nothing but the highest praise for how the ordering, shipping, and delivery process occurred.

    5/5 for 1 Coffee Percolator Crate reviews
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