Whiskey Flavored Truffle Decanter

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In The Box

  • 20 Whiskey-Flavored Chocolate Truffles (0.46 oz each)
  • Reusable Cut Glass Decanter (750 ml)

How It Ships

15 x 15 x 5" Corrugated Box
In an awesome cardboard box. Corrugated C Flute cardboard with regular slotted style... told you it was awesome!

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The Spirit of Romance

Romance is far more art than science, but that didn’t stop us from creating a little whiskey-flavored formula to guarantee success. Most men are wooed by the power of booze. Casually throw in the endorphins and euphoric glory of chocolate, and you’ve got yourself a charmed chap at the ready.

Give his taste buds a reason to two-step with Italian milk chocolate truffles and their rich whiskey flavoring. And don’t be surprised if he sheds a single tear when he realizes the glass decanter can pour more than just deluxe chocolates.

Decanter of Love

  • 20 decadent, pre-wrapped Italian milk chocolate truffles infused with a rich whiskey flavor
  • Chocolates are non-alcoholic and do not contain whiskey, only whiskey flavoring - the decanter however, is at your beck and call
  • This classy black & gold accented glass decanter can be reused for any liquor you wish to decant long after the truffles are gone, which we’d wager will be around 5 minutes
  • Decanter makes a handsome addition to any bar cart or home bar for the special old-fashioned spirit in your life

Customer Reviews

    Lynette Clark
    Feb 14th 2020
    I hope I get to order it sounds wonderful to me for my husband on

    Okay, tell me about the. Man crates and I can't wait for him to get his crate. So He will be so excited.

    Nov 20th 2019
    Perfect. Genius!

    Last year for Christmas, I ordered the whisky bottle and matching glasses with my hubbs name and initials on it. Came in a crate with crow bar. He absolutely LOVES it. He loved the box AND the gift. Still shows it off to friends a year later..! This company nailed it on design for men. ❤️ I look forward to a larger variety of gift choices but love what there is now.

    Mar 1st 2019
    No crate

    I didn't read the description well enough. There was no crate with this man crate. My husband loved the gift but I was disappointed.

    Angel Bannerman
    Feb 17th 2019
    Whiskey infused truffle decanter

    I can’t say enough about these chocolates, other than they are delicious! My hubby is not a fan of chocolate , but has truly enjoyed these, all but one. He holds onto it as if it were gold. Mancrates are genius!

    Jan 15th 2020
    Loved it!

    I got this for my dad as a Christmas present because he loves his nightly bourbon, and has a habit of wanting a bite of something sweet to go with it, so these were perfect. He loves the truffles and they taste great. I am however giving it 4 stars because I’ve searched and there doesn’t seem to be a way to get a refill of just the truffles without buying a whole new decanter.