Spicy Jerkygram

Meat Plus Heat

Even though jerky is widely recognized as the Michael Jordan of foods, some guys…

more still want more. Yeah, we know your type. Discontent with the sweeter things in life, you guys want to feel the heat of habaneros, jalapenos and other tongue-searing, perspiration-inducing flavor bullets dance on your not-so-delicate palates. Fortunately, the Spicy Jerkygram is just the thing to keep you gastro daredevils happily on fire.

Antacids in hand, we've combed the US jerky-making landscape for the perfect blends of heat and meat and have packed the best of the best into our new Spicy Jerkygram. Tender, hand-cut strips of steak marinated in a devilish cocktail of habaneros, chipotle peppers, jalapenos and a wicked blend of fiery spices - a powerful combo that'd make lesser men announce that they'd suddenly gone vegan.

So put on your flame suit, grab a cold one and bring on the burn with a Spicy Jerkygram from Man Crates.

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In The Box

Flame-Scorched Jerky

Three packs of mouth-incinerating jerky:

  • Chef's Cut
  • Country Archer
  • Perky Jerky
How It Ships
Jerkygrams ship in cardboard boxes.
Your meats will arrive in an awesome cardboard box that says, "Surprise, it's meat!"

  • Orders placed by noon PST will ship out same day
    Orders placed by noon PST will ship out same day
  • Choose your delivery date at checkout
    Choose your delivery date at checkout
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Customer Reviews

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    Feb 19th 2018

    I ordered this for my boyfriend to be shipped to him at work on Valentine’s Day, but it was delivered a day early. Then when he opened it, the wrong note was in it, so someone else got my message, and I got theirs. The actual product is great, and he loved the jerky. I just wish he had my note attached.

    Kurt Luecke
    Feb 17th 2018
    Girls Represented!

    I ordered the Valentines Day Beef Jerky sampler for my wife and she LOVED it! She is the ultimate “connisour” of beef Jerky. The flavors and tenderness exceeded anything she has had in the past! Also enjoyed the personal card!

    Samantha Moyer
    Feb 15th 2018

    Ordered for my husband's birthday to be shipped to his work. He was off the following day so he didn't get it until two days later since it did not arrive the day it was supposed to.
    When it did arrive, it didn't have the note that I personalized to be attached to it. I really wanted to love this and I don't know yet if it tastes good but the fact that it did not arrive on the day I selected or with the personalized note means I won't be back.

    In the end I called in to discuss my experience with customer services and after waiting far too long I hung up and never spoke with anyone. Overall very disappointed which is too bad because it's a neat idea. Poorly executed.

    Kelsey Skinner
    Feb 11th 2018
    Great customer service!

    I ordered this to be delivered to my boyfriends house on the 9th, but when I tracked the order it wasn’t going to be delivered until the 13th! I called customer service and the awesome lady I spoke to contacted fed ex to get the order expedited, and we received it on the 10th. I was also given a full refund due to the error, which was only because fed ex decided to change the delivery date. They have amazing customer service and my boyfriend loves his jerky!! He got 3 large bags.

    J. Hamelin
    Jan 23rd 2018
    Not so hot!

    I ordered this for my son's friend for Xmas. He LOVES hot, spicy food. He opened the volcanic jerky and barely noticed any heat. Please amp up this pack so it's as hot as it says it is! I'm kind of disappointed now and am on the hunt for some alternative items to test their heat. This jerkygram is a fun idea, but is definitely in need of improvement. Bring it on!! PLEASE!

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