Smash and Grab Gift Card

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In The Box

His Mission

Destroy the brick to extract the code and redeem a digital gift card.

His Choices*

  • Bass Pro Shop
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Columbia Sportswear
  • Gamestop
  • Home Depot
  • Nike
  • Morton's Steakhouse

*Full retailer redemption subject to change due to availability.

Agents of Destruction

  • Concrete Smash Brick (Gift card inside)
  • Ball-Peen Hammer (Style by availability)
  • Safety Goggles

How It Ships

Smash and Grab Gift Card ships in a cardboard box.
In a Man Crates branded cardboard box.

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Disassembly Required

Don't let the lack of communication fool you; some men are picky, and sometimes a gift card is the only gift that doesn't require dumpster diving for receipts a week later.

But even selecting the right gift card can feel like gazing into the Unknown, casting doubt upon your knowledge of him, his interests, or even existence itself. No gift is worth an existential crisis.

Smash & Grab is our answer to these hard-to-gift guys: a concrete brick engineered to be as frustrating to crack as his stubborn taste. Once fully demolished, he'll be left with a code that can be redeemed for his choice of gift card.

Drop The Hammer

There's a soft spot in every man's heart for boisterous, innocuous, total destruction. That young boy who derived unfathomable joy from demolishing intricately stacked block towers is now a grown man with responsibilities and limited opportunities to wreak havoc.

Smash & Grab is the gift of socially-appropriate destruction: two inches of pure concrete that he gets to obliterate. We've even included spring-hinged goggles and a ball-peen hammer, so he can swing wildly whilst smiling widely.

He'll smash. He'll sweat. He may even get carried away and start eyeing that fireplace you've been meaning to replace with a manic grin. But he'll eventually emerge from the rubble with his perfect gift card of choice and a hell of a story he'll love sharing.

Smash & Grab gives him exactly what he wants, and then some!

Customer Reviews

    Ja'Brellia Boykins
    May 1st 2019
    My Dad Loved His Gift

    I purchased the Smash and Grab Gift Card for My Dad's Birthday, because I couldn't think of anything to get a guy who has everything! He absolutely love it! Thank you Man Crates!!

    Sylvia Sapien
    Feb 24th 2019
    Valentines Day Gift

    I had this sent to my honey for Valentines Day. The package arrived that same day, and he loved it! He had fun "smashing" his way through, lol. He said he appreciated the gift card to one of his favorite stores and thought the smashing part unique and funny. I would buy again for another holiday/gift.

    David Verber
    Dec 26th 2018
    Worth the effort

    My son & (GF) got me a duct taped crate for Christmas. Everyone had a good laugh while I sweated through opening the gift. Not only was it sealed pretty darn good in duct tape then I had to get out the (supplied) crowbar and open the box. The stuff inside was pretty cool too!

    Dec 24th 2018
    Great surprise gift!!

    I gave this to my husband for his Birthday this year, and he loved it! He is always looking to be surprised, and his gift was the highlight of the party. Everyone wanted to see him smash the brick, and he was surprised and delighted to find the giftcard inside too! Ususally, he hates gift cards because he thinks they are thoughtless gifts, but he really likes that this gift card he has the choice of ten different stores! And the packing was incredible. PLEASE DONT EVER GET RID OF THIS!!! I think this gift card is actually worth the value.

    Dec 22nd 2018
    So Disappointed

    I was so disappointed when this gift arrived. I thought they all came in the crates. This one's in a cardboard box! You seriously need to revise your advertising!

    Man Crates Response: Hey there,

    Thanks for your feedback, we're sorry to hear you were disappointed in your order! While we love sealing up great gifts inside wooden crates, we understand that not every recipient appreciates the sweat and struggle that can go into liberating them. That’s why we’ve added a variety of items to our spread that ship out in other ways. Your gift could arrive in one of a few forms depending which item(s) you order, and if you’d like that gift wrapped in our Diabolical Duct Tape Cocoon.

    If you’re in the market for our namesake crates, keep an eye out for anything on our site that has “Crate” in the title. We’ve included a photo on each Product Description Page as well as just inside your Shopping Cart, letting you know this item is a crated one, and that it comes with one of our Man Crates crowbars.

    We do our best to let you know how the item is shipping by showing a photo on the product’s page and in your cart of how the item ships. We also let you know how the item its packaged in the product description itself.

    That being said, we're happy to work with you to make this right or to offer you arrange a cost free and hassle free return pick-up at the location of your choice if you just want a full refund. Give us a call at 866-902-7260 and we'll do our best to make you happy, thanks!

    -Team Man Crates