Smash and Grab Gift Card

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In The Box

His Mission

  • Destroy brick to extract the code.
  • Redeem code for his choice of gift card.
  • Receive digital gift card via email.
  • His Choices

    • The Home Depot
    • Bass Pro Shop
    • Best Buy
    • Nike
    • Buffalo Wild Wings
    • Columbia Sportswear
    • Xtreme Xperience
    • Kuju Coffee
    • Kammok
    • Mizzen+Main
    • Chef's Cut Jerky
    • Morton's Steakhouse
    • Gamestop
    • Duke Cannon

    Agents of Destruction

    • Concrete Smash Brick (gift card inside)
    • Ball-Peen Hammer (style by availability)
    • Spring-Hinged Safety Goggles

    How It Ships

    Smash and Grab

    In an awesome cardboard box:

    • Concrete Smash Brick (gift card inside)
    • Ball-Peen Hammer (style by availability)
    • Spring-Hinged Safety Goggles

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    Disassembly Required

    Don't let the lack of communication fool you; some men are picky, and sometimes a gift card is the only gift that doesn't require dumpster diving for receipts a week later.

    But even selecting the right gift card can feel like gazing into the Unknown, casting doubt upon your knowledge of him, his interests, or even existence itself. No gift is worth an existential crisis.

    Smash & Grab is our answer to these hard-to-gift guys: a concrete brick engineered to be as frustrating to crack as his stubborn taste. Once fully demolished, he'll be left with a code that can be redeemed for his choice of gift card:

    Drop The Hammer

    There's a soft spot in every man's heart for boisterous, innocuous, total destruction. That young boy who derived unfathomable joy from demolishing intricately stacked block towers is now a grown man with responsibilities and limited opportunities to wreak havoc.

    Smash & Grab is the gift of socially-appropriate destruction: two inches of pure concrete that he gets to, nay, must completely obliterate. We've even included spring-hinged goggles and a ball-peen hammer, so he can swing wildly whilst smiling widely.

    He'll smash. He'll sweat. He may even get carried away and start eyeing that fireplace you've been meaning to replace with a manic grin. But he'll eventually emerge from the rubble with his perfect gift card of choice and a hell of a story he'll love sharing.

    Smash & Grab gives him exactly what he wants, and then some!

    Customer Reviews

      Julie Layton
      Feb 16th 2018
      Great surprise for my hubby.

      My husband was so curious as to what I got him. He couldn't stop giggling at all the duct tape. Then he was so excited when he got to smash the gift card out. He said it is one of his best gifts. Also, he loves the hammer and safety glasses.

      Feb 15th 2018
      Loved it!!!

      I got this for my husband for Valentine’s Day, he absolutely loved it and said it was the most unique coolest gift ever! He loved smashing it and he’ll redeem his gift card soon, he just has to decide where he wants it from. Thanks Man Crates!!

      Whittton Karen
      Jan 16th 2018
      Smash & grab

      I got this for my grandson for Christmas & let me tell you he had a blast & it’s the excitement & challenge & quality , he’s was thrilled about the hammer 👍 , the only problem is my granddaughter is wanting one really bad 🤣

      Jan 14th 2018
      Just okay

      I bought this for my husband and I was really excited for him to open it. I had it duct taped to make it even harder to open. Waste of money. He had it open in 10 seconds and then busted it out of the concrete in about the same amount of time. The stores were not great for him to shop at either. That was partially my fault for not reading. I expected him to be able to use the gift card on the Man Crates website or the other websites listed and that's not the case. I was really disappointed. That being said the hammer was pretty nice and he seemed to like it...

      Dec 31st 2017
      Kind of a waste of resources

      My husband received this as a gift. He had no interest in breaking the block open and the stores that were offered for the gift card left a lot to be desired. I appreciate the attempt at making a gift card exciting, but it was wasted on him.

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