Hunting Crate

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In The Box

Hunting Heroes

  • Stanley Insulated Vacuum Bottle
  • Tac-Force TF-469 Folding Knife
  • Stormproof Matches

Disappear Completely

  • Duke Cannon's Hunting Soap
  • Camo Face Paint
  • Camo Form Wrap

How It Ships

Zombie Gifts ship sealed inside a wooden crate within a cardboard shipping box.
In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar.

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    Orders placed by noon PST will ship out same day
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The Most Dangerous Game Of All

If the Schwarzenegger hunting documentary "Predator" taught us anything, it's that the fate of every hunter is determined by his preparedness for the unpredictable; those rare occasions when the hunter becomes the hunted.

It won't always be a blood-thirsty alien; it could be the vengeful brother of the cabin-mounted trophy moose, or possibly a trigger-happy former Vice President. Whatever the predator and whatever the prey, the Hunting Crate ensures you'll be the most dangerous creature of all.

Keep Comfort In The Crosshairs

The Stanley extra large insulated bottle is the same classic style, stainless steel flask our grandpas handed down to us, except without the bullet nicks from storming Normandy. Its vacuum insulation keeps hot things hot and cold things cold for 28 hours, perfect for keeping coffee piping hot from one morning to the next or for use as decoy bait for heat-seeking predators.

The Tac-Force TF-469 Folding Knife has everything needed for unzipping and grilling the freshest steak dinner imaginable: a stainless gut hook blade, silicone grip ring, hard nylon sheath, fire starter, diamond honing file, and bottle opener. And if Mother Nature is being a real downer, the capsule of stormproof matches will light in even the worst of circumstances.

Unseen and Unscented

For starters, the camo form wrap and facepaint disguises anyone and anything as slightly off-grey splotches by which animals see the world. But invisible isn't enough to be utterly undetectable to the heightened senses of predator and prey.

Duke Cannon's Big Ol' Brick of Hunting Soap will wash any whiff of human clean off your body. It's like those Axe body spray commercials when, once applied, beautiful women ambush the man out of sheer desire, except instead of ambushing him, they'll completely ignore him. And instead of beautiful women, it's a moose.

It's a hunt or be hunted world, and the Hunting Crate equips you to always be atop the food chain.

Customer Reviews

    Feb 9th 2019
    Hunting Crate Made boyfriend HOT

    when my boyfriend got a sniff of the crate I think it really 'excited' him... He is an avid hunter and this was the perfect gift for him ... Next best thing to me...

    Heather Scheetz
    Dec 14th 2018

    What a great gift idea for all the men in your life! I love it! Great company, shipping was extremely fast. I will absolutely buy again from Man Crates!

    May 2nd 2018
    Hunting Crate

    Boyfriend loved his hunting crate!

    Colleen Biemiller
    Aug 5th 2016

    Spent the extra to have crate wrapped in duct tape- once he sweated thru that he got to the crate and crowbar, saying, " This better not be a joke." Worked hard to get that crate opened- and loved the contents!!! My son wants to steal the old-school thermos for his own duck hunting trips. Thanks for creating a great guy gift- and for a follow- up email!
    Great customer service! Can't wait to re-order.

    Barbara Stricklin
    Mar 10th 2016
    Best Gift Ever!

    I got this for my son for Christmas last year including the duct tape wrap, he had a great time just opening the duct tape and then saw the crowbar - he tried not to break the crate but ended up destroying it, which was disappointing. He really liked the whole package. He wants more now - we're on the waiting list for the Knife Kit. I highly recommend these!!