Exotic Meats Crate

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In The Box

Cured & Cultured

  • Venison Jerky
  • Wild Boar Jerky
  • Biltong Beef Jerky
  • Elk Jerky
  • Buffalo Jerky
  • Alligator Jerky

Safari Sticks

  • Pheasant Jerky Stick, 1 oz
  • Maple Duck Jerky Stick, 1 oz
  • Ostrich Jerky Stick, 1 oz
  • Alligator Jerky Stick, 1 oz

How It Ships

In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar

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    Some shipping restrictions apply
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    Orders placed by noon PST will ship out same day
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The Feast of Beast

We've already compiled the pinnacle selection of meat samplers from three continents in the Exotic Meats Jerkygram, and we didn't want to reinvent the wheel. No, we wanted to snag three more wheels, toss em on a Lambo, and burn victory lap donuts in the parking lot of every non-exotic meat factory in the land.

The More, The Meatier

The Exotic Meats Man Crate has so much deluxe animal poundage that we could legally register it as an official safari park. We're talking enough spiced ostrich, alligator, duck, pheasant, buffalo, elk, venison, and boar meat to make El Chupacabra wave his claws in surrender, screaming, "No mas, no mas!"

And this premium meat parade will fly first class to your doorstep in a sturdy wooden Man Crate.

The Most Interesting Meat in the World

We've also expanded the curation process to include Biltong, South Africa's treasured method of preserving delicious meats. This thin-cut beef treat is the Meat Supreme in the dried animal kingdom, and it literally means "rump tongue" in Dutch--drop that knowledge bomb on your friends and they'll swoon over your intelligence. Swoon, we say!

Devour the samplers, and prepare for the Feast of Beast.

Customer Reviews

    Dale Peak
    Feb 21st 2018
    Did not bite the hook

    Got this for my birthday. Opened the cardboard box and read the flap. Took a couple of minutes with the nail puller around the (GLUED) top, then used my noggin and flipped the crate over... only brads! Opened the crate from the bottom and am keeping it to store this and that in my game room. Nice Crate, good jerky!

    Feb 20th 2018
    Not worth the cost

    My girlfriend got this for me as a Vday gift, contents tasted good, but for $100 i could have gotten much more for the money. Awesome surprise on her part, but i felt bad that she spent so much on this.

    Kathy Najera
    Feb 19th 2018
    Doesn't live up to the hype

    I bought this for my husband for Valentine's day. It came a day early, which was fine with me. The meats weren't all that great.... wish I could get a full refund, wasn't even worth half of what I spent. Pretty fun to watch him open it but he didn't enjoy the contents.

    Jennifer Martin
    Feb 15th 2018
    Best Valentines ever

    Order this a Vday gift for my boyfriend. He loved it and got a kick out of reading the box and opening everything. I will definitely be ordering from mancrates again.

    Feb 15th 2018
    Amazing Experience!

    I I ordered the Salami Bouquet for my boyfriend for Valentines Day. I was SO excited! I ordered it early just to make sure he'd have it on Valentines Day. I was at work and I got confirmation that it was delivered. NO call from my boyfriend at all the entire day to thank me - which is odd, Well, turns out it never came! I don't know if Fedex lost it or someone stole it. Regardless - the customer service I received from Man Crates was top notch! They took care of the situation without hesitation and I would highly recommend!!!

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