Everest Grill Crate

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In The Box

  • Himalayan Salt Block, 8"x8"x1.5"
  • Salt Block Holder
  • Salt Block Scrubber Brush
  • Salt Block Recipe Cookbook
  • Circle Kabobs
  • 4 Mini Thermometers
  • Black Grilling Glove

How It Ships

Crate gifts are shipped in a Man Crates cardboard shipper box.
In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar.

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    Orders placed by noon PST will ship out same day
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Welcome to the Rock

If it's completely insane for a group of men to fly halfway around the world, risk their lives trekking through the Himalayas, and tunnel beneath the highest mountain on planet Earth all for a well-seared and seasoned steak, then we're punching first-class, express tickets aboard the Crazy Train.

Our quest for the most majestic grilling experience led us to a prehistoric Fort Knox of crystallized flavor buried deep within the mountain range where Ra's Al Ghul trained Batman. Employing the same classified techniques BIG TOURISM used to build the Stonehenge, we've extracted blocks of cooking salt so enticing that even ever-critical chef Gordon Ramsey let out a small tinkle of excitement.

In the stratosphere of pristine cooking flavors, the Everest Grill Crate stands alone.

Bedrock of Flavor

The Himalayan Salt Plate (8" x 8" x 1.5") is the pinnacle of grilling versatility and flavor. You're basically brining your meat in an ocean for 600 million years, and if that doesn't sound incredible to you, then we're probably not explaining it right because it's the most delicious thing we've ever grilled.

The salt plate perfectly flash-flavors any food and even makes fruits and those non-meat green things appetizing. Experiment with 70 recipes from the Sultan of Salt Block himself, Mark Bitterman, or blaze your own trail through this uncharted flavor frontier.

Shish Ka-Booyah!

Continuing its legacy of grilling innovation and mastery, the Everest Grill Crate includes four non-stick circular kabobs to keep the good stuff secure on the salt and dinner plates, not the ground. There's also four mini meat thermometers so your brain won't have to process anything other than pure anticipation for the flavor deluge of salty goodness.

The crate also includes a grill mitt, salt block holder, and salt block scrubber brush tool.

The Everest Grill Crate is proof to all grillers that once you go block, you never go back.

Customer Reviews

    Jan 2nd 2020
    So unique

    Got this for my brother and he LOVED it. All the things in it are super cool, no fillers! He actually loved the Swiss army spatula as much as the salt block!

    Douglas Gerwitz
    Feb 14th 2018

    got this crate for Xmas. finally got to try it out last night. made some killer fish and shrimp tacos. all ready planning the next meal for it.

    Nov 29th 2017

    I ordered this crate for my husband as his Christmas gift and he went nuts! Such a neat idea opening the crate and he loved every item inside the crate. If your man is a griller this is a perfect gift! So unique and fun watching them open the crate.

    Richard Lloyd-Roberts
    Dec 26th 2016
    Best Gift Ever

    This has to be the most inventive and fun gift I have ever received and I am 53. Had a blast trying to figure out how to open the crate and of course there were no instructions. Perfect man gift. Especially good for the man who has had everything. Great job putting these together. They are not easy to open providing wives with hours of endless amusement watching us men crack the case open.

    Kelsey T.
    Oct 29th 2016
    Nailed It!

    My old man loves to cook but is tired of the same old spices and BBQ junk. He had never heard of the Salt block so this was the perfect gift! Comes with a bunch of useful gadgets and tools including a cookbook for the block. So glad i went with this as his birthday gift. He is so excited to use it. Thank you to the man crates crew for always being efficient and creative.