Jerky Advent Calendar - Cow Carolers

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In the Box

Man Crates Exclusive Advent Calendar

  • Filled with 25 Beef Jerky Bits (0.5 oz each):
    • Classic
    • Black Pepper
    • Garlic
    • Habanero
    • Honey Bourbon
    • Root Beer
    • Whiskey Maple
    • Root Beer Habanero
    • Ghost Pepper
    • Sesame Ginger
    • Chili Lime
    • Sriracha
    • Orange Habanero
    • Birch Beer
    • Sarsaparilla
    • General Tso
    • Lemon Pepper
    • Thai Satay
    • Cajun
    • Teriyaki

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Forget the french hens and geese a-layin’. Nothing says “Meaty Christmas” like an advent calendar filled with twenty-five festive flavors of beef and exotic jerky. It’s a carnivore’s ultimate countdown ‘til Christmas.

From Ghost Pepper to Sarsaparilla to Thai Satay and more, our Jerky Advent Calendar is a festive feast of merry meats that will last all season long. It tastes as good as it looks, and we ensured it looked delicious by commissioning custom artwork: ‘A Christmas Carol’ as depicted by cows.

‘Tis the season for seasoned meat!

Customer Reviews

    Dec 22nd 2020
    Excellent Jerky

    My mom likes getting my siblings and I funny advent calendars despite the fact that we're now all adults and this was the one she got me this year. I have to say, the jerky in this calendar is some of the best I've ever had. Really nice consistency to the meat and the flavors (while not all of them are things I'd normally like) were very well balanced and delicious. I do have a few critiques but comparatively they're very small ones. The individual packages are hard to open without scissors and the habanero jerky had barely any heat to it. I have a pretty middle of the road spice tolerance and wouldn't even consider it spicy. I haven't tried the ghost pepper one yet and I'm hoping that one is spicier (though I have a feeling I'll be regretting that statement). Overall, this is an excellent gift and I would absolutely buy some of the jerky flavors if they were sold individually.

    Dec 22nd 2019

    This was a gift from a friend. I honestly thought it wasn’t going to be that great. But I’ll be the first to admit this was one of the best advent calendars ever! Each piece was individually delicious and perfectly seasoned

    Rebecca Baker
    Sep 24th 2019
    The only advent calendar you need. Until next year.

    A 24 day celebration of jerky. What could be better? Each selection was anticipated with unbridled glee, bright eyes, clapping hands, and not a little drool. Each morsel was savored to the fullest. To say it was life changing would be faint praise - it was David-Hasselhoff-on-a-unicorn-with-sprinkles amazing.

    One downside: It is only 24 days - which makes the other 341 rather dull and lifeless by comparison. Please bring it back this year!

    Dec 25th 2018
    Best Advent Calendar Ever

    I bought three of these - my husband and 2 sons were so excited to get them. They were actually excited to open them every day! Thank you!

    Dec 17th 2018
    Yummy vaca!

    It's a fun gift for an adult. It brings out the child-like anticipation of the advent, while using a more adult inspired treat. The friend I got it for has absolutely loved the fun of opening one door at a time, and he said all the meat has been moist and delicious!

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