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    Mar 20th 2021
    I couldn't be happier...

    He's a grilling MASTER and has everything under the sun. He did not have a wok, so when I found out this one can be used on the grill, I jumped on it! He loves it. He absolutely loves it! I opted for the duct tape and he was tickled, though it was not an obstacle. My manly man simply whipped out his pocket knife. He's happy about having the crate to store things in later and I'm happy because now that he has a wok, there is no reason for him not to eat his vegetables. I had to call customer service to add something to the gift card and the rep was helpful and friendly... We are both very thrilled with this gift, and I will definitely be buying him more and recommending to EVERYONE! Thank you, Man Crates!

    Feb 24th 2021
    Such an awesome gift🤩

    I received my crate just a couple days after I placed the order, my husband was stoked and thought it was the coolest gift! The product itself is durable and worth every penny I will definitely be ordering all special gifts for the men in my life from Mancrates! (No missing pieces and customer service was amazing no hold time and talked to a real life person!)

    Feb 10th 2021
    Customer Service

    I ordered the Wok On Cooking Crate for my boyfriend for Valentine’s day. Unfortunately the Lo Mein Noodles didn’t come but after I contacted Customer Service about it they went above and beyond to correct this mistake. I am truly impressed by their customer service. They are sending me a replacement and a coupon code to correct this mistake like wow that is how customer service is supposed to be! Thank you so much Man Crates i will definitely be ordering from you guys again!!

    Michelle Johnson
    Feb 9th 2021
    Almost perfect!!!!

    My husband loved the kit, but he did not notice that one item was missing from the order. Where did the noodles go? This is the item I was looking forward to the most when he would have made a great meal.

    Man Crates Response: Hey there Michele, so sorry to hear that there were items missing from your order! Give us a buzz at 866-902-7260 and we'd be happy to send out a replacement free of charge!

    -Team Man Crates

    Cindy Bush
    Feb 7th 2021
    Less than 5 stars for a Man Crate? Hear me out.

    OK, I LOVE the wok kit. However... Ding #1, no Lo Mein noodles. Ding #2, it comes with metal utensils... and instructions to never, ever use metal utensils in the wok. Ding #3, "BEFORE USING" instructions say the wok does not need to be "Seasoned". Right after the "Use and Care Instructions" tell you it must be seasoned first. Your company is great, but you seriously need a proofreader.

    Jan 9th 2023

    Bought the wok as a Christmas gift. We were so excited to use it tonight and unfortunately the non stick isn’t so non stick. Everything stuck to the pan and the dish was ruined. The booklet says that the pan does not need to be seasoned. Not sure I believe that now. Also confused why this kit would include metal utensils but it clearly says in the instructions to NOT use metal in the wok….

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