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    Frank Risard
    Sep 24th 2021
    Must have for cookouts

    What can I say... didn't realize I was missing out on an essential for my pool day bbqs. I received this as a gift and it's the perfect addition to my gas grill, pellet grill, and cast irons. Incredibly easy to assemble, start, and use - complete no brainer. Last time we got my friends/family together for a bbq, we're making fresh tortillas as the meat grilled, and cooked up the tortillas on the cast iron then cut and served on the fly. It does take some patience as the meat does need to cook, so you can't mass serve and forget it. But, that's part of the fun of grilling and knocking back some beers. Surprisingly holds a lot of meat. I had 5lbs last time and it only filled up about half the skewer. Really able to feed a ton of people.
    Can't recommend this enough as a gift to yourself or just someone who will enjoy making shawarma or tacos.

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