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    Rick A.
    Apr 1st 2015
    Never Gonna Let You Down...

    I'm no stranger to Manscaping, you know the rules, and now so do I (thanks to the handy enclosed, and beautifully illustrated, book). I've been looking for a crate like this for so long, I couldn't buy it for any other guy (but myself). I just want to tell you how I'm feeling, I've got to make you understand (you should buy this crate now). I'm never gonna go hairy again, never gonna let stubble grow, never gonna get mistaken for the yeti. Never gonna pluck then cry, never gonna have skin that's dry, never gonna tell a lie and mislead you...

    ...buy the Manscaping Crate and discover a world of smooth, supple, and sun kissed man beauty.

    Apr 1st 2015
    is it summer yet?!?!

    Does everyone in Brazil feel this smooth all the time? If so, I want to go to there! This crate revolutionized my grooming routine. Sayonara stray hairs, this man is ready to strut his stuff on the beach!

    Apr 1st 2015
    some of the hardest wax I've ever had!

    AMAZING! Finally a crate I can take to dinner. The high-res photo book is INSPIRATION. Id def recommend to anyone that is into not looking like total...

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