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    Casey Brozovsky
    Oct 13th 2014
    Great gift at an affordable price!

    I ordered this as a wedding anniversary gift for my husband. He loves jerky and thought the gift was so awesome that he ate the whole box in 48 hours! Packaging was great, it arrived on time and the price was perfect (I searched other sites that week that wanted over $100 for a gift box similar to this!) We are very happy customers and will purchase from ManCrates in the future! Thank you for offering an awesome product for guys that are almost impossible to shop for! :-)

    Oct 8th 2014
    Great idea!

    My boyfriend had helped me study accounting for my MBA. I had to thank him for tolerating me and my pouting, ha! He LOVED it! I received a picture of him smiling with chipmunk cheeks stuffed with jerky! This is definitely perfect for a pick me up or thank you! Definitely ordering more products from you guys.

    Iris Murillo
    Aug 19th 2014
    Beef jerky

    I wanted to try out this product once to see what the experience would be lik e and I have to say so far I love it , the beef jerky was delicious I will be ordering more soon . Is my sons birthday this month and in October it will be my boyfriends birthday I will order the crates for each .
    It was really easy to order I had a question they answered in a timely matter the package arrived safe and fast to my address, I am a new customer and so far I like everything about man crates.. Thank you :)

    Aug 8th 2014
    Very Happy Recipient!

    This jerkygram was the perfect way for me to surprise my boyfriend with a little yummy treat on his birthday! Everything went just as I had hoped it would: the box was delivered on his birthday just like I requested, and he came home to find his jerkygram waiting for him! Needless to say, I received a big "Thank You!" text shortly after which also stated that the beef jerky was already almost gone! I am so extremely pleased with my experience with Man Crates and I will definitely be ordering more gifts like this again in the future!

    Arlene del Orbe
    Jul 16th 2014

    The recipient had a grin from ear-to-ear which leads me to believe that the Man Crate was a HUGE success!

    Jun 17th 2014
    Loved it!

    Got it for father's day for my step dad, he loved it! great idea for someone who loves Jerky. It was late for father's day, but I dealt with great customer service, and they now have a returning customer!

    Jun 16th 2014
    Great for Father's Day!

    My Husband was not expecting this gift at all, he's a jerky lover and teriyaki is hes favorite. He loved every bite and looks forward to ordering another box soon!

    Nichole Forsythe
    Jun 10th 2014
    Another Home Run!

    This was THE PERFECT GIFT for my husband! Amazing product for the price!. Just the right size for a little something to surprise him, tell him I love him, and put a huge smile on his face! The quality of the jerky is amazing!
    It even arrived on the exact date I specified!
    You guys nailed it once again! Thanks so much!

    Apr 28th 2014
    Greatly enjoyed!

    This was my third time to use Man Crates (my 2 adult sons and one teenage grandson)...I got a quick response each time when they received their gift. Each said that the jerky was some of the best they'd eaten, and, of course, the packaging was fun and greatly enjoyed!

    Apr 25th 2014

    This is the second item I have bought from mancrates and I will be a frequent customer! The jerky has such an awesome taste and you can tell its very good quality! My husband at all of it in one sitting! Mancrates you hit the nail on the head with awesome gifts!

    Apr 22nd 2014
    Easter Sweets without all that SUGAR

    Finding an Easter Treat for athletes that are so concerned about everything they put in their mouth is made easy with your awesome Jerky Grams!!!! The only problem was how fast they disappeared. THANK YOU!!! I will order this over and over......

    Feb 22nd 2014
    Teriyaki Jerkygram

    I gave this to my boyfriend for Valentine's Day. He really liked it and the jerky was delicious!

    Feb 21st 2014
    Way better than rose!

    I ordered this for my husband for Valentine's Day this year, requested expedited shipping and opted for the diabolical duct-tape packaging...it arrived on-time and perfectly. He walked in the door and was like "is that duct tape....?" He thought it was great! And the jerky was delicious. I already have plans for the perfect man crate for his birthday! Thanks so much for being so easy to work with! It was worth every penny!

    Feb 20th 2014
    Valentine's Day Gift

    Excellent gift for a guy! Well appreciated as a valentines day present. . .better than candy!

    Feb 19th 2014
    Husband was SOOOO EXCITED!

    I got this for my husband for Valentines Day, sent it to his work. Once he saw the box he said he was so excited (he loves Beef Jerky) and opened it right away. He immediately tried one of the bags and said it tastes "AMAZING!" was how he put it :)
    It was perfect and easy to purchase. They delayed the delivery as I requested and shipped perfectly! This is my second time purchasing through Man Crates and they always make it perfect! Thanks again!

    Feb 18th 2014
    Great Valentine's Day

    Sent this little package of the best beef jerky (great quality, soft and tender... yet tasty rugged and kick-a$$) He loved it! His co-workers had a little tinge of envy, They agreed the taste was great!

    Jan 3rd 2014
    Meat by Mail

    Are you kidding me??? This is awesome. My boss sent this to me for Christmas and it was delish!!! I had the Teriyaki, steak and pineapple/orange. I will definately be ordering for myself as well as gifts for friends. NICE JOB!!!

    Bridget Nutt Huffman
    Dec 31st 2013
    So delicious!

    The manliest of jerky grams was a delicious Christmas morning surprise for my husband. He liked all 3! Well done!

    Dec 27th 2013
    Greatest Mail-order gift evar!

    Even the box was awesome!

    Judy McCracken
    Dec 27th 2013
    Best Boss Ever!!

    Gave this as a gift to one of my male direct reports. He and his son shared it after a deer hunting day. They both LOVED it.

    Dec 19th 2013
    He Loved it!!

    I got this as an early Christmas gift for my husband! He absolutely loved it and said it was the best jerky he had ever ate! He absolutely loved the "man crate" concept, which he agreed was very manly. After opening his early gift and checking out the website, he ordered a gift for his brother! I will definitely order this for him again!

    Dec 7th 2013
    Birthday Gift

    I had it sent to my husband's work for his birthday! He was so surprised!! All his coworkers were impressed and couldn't believe he got a whole box of jerky! This was his favorite gift for sure!! He's still laughing over the "Surprise it's meat!" on the box. He cut it out and kept it!! I'm not the biggest jerky fan (I know, I know. Sorry) BUT the steak jerky was delicious!! Will definitely order from you again!!

    Jessie Sterling
    Oct 21st 2013
    Sweet Jerky Gram

    Delivered right on time. My husband almost thought this was a joke til he opened it. He loved it, and his office mates were jealous. My husband loved it so much he took it with him to his work dinner to show it off!
    His favorite was the steak jerky. So much better than flowers, will definitely order again!

    Oct 1st 2013
    Special Order

    I made a special order of both sweet and spicy jerky, but in a crate. I used both the online chat and called in, super easy. (Call in and hope to God you get the recorder - on a down day I will call just to hear the message again!) This is the second time I've ordered from Man Crates and both recipients LOVED it. I will use them again. Great, fun employees and company.

    Joe N.
    Aug 30th 2013

    I've had the Krave Jerky Sweet Chipotle before and it's been my favorite for a while, but the Real Steak Jerky is absolutely delicious and may have taken the title as my new fav.

    With immense hesitation, I offered a small piece of the Real Steak to my friends and they agree that it's top on their list...just wish it came in a bigger package.

    This is hands down a necessity for any fan of high quality jerky!

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