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    Michael Kellogg
    Jul 16th 2020
    Crate Full O'nuts

    Received this manly wooden crate filled with bags of flavored nuts for Father's Day, June 21 (and our 40th Anniversary!) from our daughter Mary. Absolutely scrumptious (and good with beer or any mixed drink). Just for fun I even used the mini crowbar for opening up these delicious treasures rivaling Archer Farms nuts!

    Kay L
    Jul 11th 2020
    There needs to be a 6th star for this review!!!

    My father and I don't get to see each other nearly half as much as we'd like too however with all the miles between us him getting this gift was almost as good as being right there with him!!! He cried!!! He posted on Facebook for Christ sake!! He's a retired DEA officer and He has loads of stories to tell and now his Man Crates is one of them!!! I couldn't be happier I can't wait until the Whiskey Appreciation crate is back in stock!! He's going to flip Sh#t!!!! I love Man Crates!!!!! This will be my new go too gift idea for every guy in my life!!!! Thank you Man Crates Team you guys Rock!!!!!

    Apr 11th 2020

    Just sent these to my brother in Texas &he LOVED it! He said it was the best gift - The cashews were great and loved the bacon jerky i sent him as well! THANK YOU !!!

    Dec 4th 2019
    I bought 4 of these

    Very fast shipping. I opened the delivery box and I thought that the box that holds the crate was dirty...Its not dirty it is designed like that, it fooled me. EVERYTHING WAS GREAT!! I ordered on Wednesday the day before Thanksgiving and received my order on Sunday. The nuts are good.

    David Andrew
    Jun 30th 2019
    Father's Day

    My daughter bought me this for Father's Day. What a fabulous gift. I enjoyed every second of this right from the time I received it. What a great concept.

    David Andrew
    Jun 30th 2019
    Father's Day

    My daughter bought me this for Father's Day. What a fabulous gift. I enjoyed every second of this right from the time I received it. What a great concept.

    Jen T
    Jun 18th 2019

    The honey raspberry nuts are phenomenal and we’re not big fruit people for dessert. Chocolate always wins out in this house but omg those nuts were amazing. Wish it was a pound. The bags have such cool labels on them. Would be great if they came in nice glass jars. Hubby had fun opening the crate. Well done mancrate!

    May 26th 2019
    I was extremely surprised!

    This gift for my father arrived 3 days early!The idea behind these gift crates are amazing especially for the very difficult to buy for man in your life!
    Thank-you so much for your super ideas and. Excellent customer service!

    Lindy T
    Feb 19th 2019
    Great customer service!

    I ordered the beef jerky heart for Valentines Day and the shipping company lost it. I planned to call Man Crates the next day, but they beat me to it, quick to apologize, even though it wasn’t their fault at all. The extremely kind customer service rep promised a replacement gift, which ended up being the saloon nuts. My husband absolutely loved the gift and I’ll definitely order from Man Crates again after my great experience! It’s always nice to know you’re working with a company that not only has fantastic products, but also integrity and amazing customer service!

    Feb 14th 2019
    Awesome surprise for vday

    Had this sent to my husband at work for Valentine’s Day. He loved that he had to pry open the crate to get to his gift. He also said the nuts are delicious! Arrived on time to his job for Valentine’s Day. Thanks!

    Feb 11th 2019
    Sending love

    Loved the product when I seen it...decided to send a man crate to someone special to me for Valentine's Day! Hope he loves it!😊❤

    Larry George
    Aug 19th 2018

    My sweet daughter and her family sent me the Man Crate for my 71st birthday on 8/15/18. All four bags were devoured wuickly and were DELICIOUS!

    Lora mickelsen
    Aug 10th 2018
    Saloon Nuts for the Win

    I purchased this for my dad. He loves to snack on different variety packs of nuts so I figured this would be a hit... Hopefully!

    He was genuinely surprised with the flavors and loved them all... except the siracha, wasn't his absolute favorite. The rest tho... He said we're delicious!

    My dad said he enjoyed them so much he had to keep them all out in his leather shop so he wasn't so tempted to hoover them down!!

    I was able to try 1 raspberry favor and it was amazing!

    My dad says he is hopeful that at some point this product can be purchased separately in larger bags!!

    Side note... The Man Crates team is amazing to work with! They are extremely prompt on answering questions and offering up the best customer service possible! I've been super impressed after each order I have placed! I'm a loyal customer now!

    Denne hamilton
    Aug 6th 2018

    My father in law loved it. My husband was jealous....so he is getting one for his birthday!

    Tom Gaskell
    Jun 24th 2018
    Saloon Nuts are great!

    This was one of the nicest gifts I have received for Father's Day. The nut selection is great.

    Agarita Joe
    Jun 20th 2018
    The Turtle and I are friends....

    Received this for Father's Day. I am handy with tools, but my son insisted I couldn't open this with the table saw. I worked on the top for a while, but it was glued down with whatever holds the planet together. Flipped the box over, saw the turtle, and decided this is where success lay. Got 'er open with hardly a scratch. Love the nuts, and that box will become another project. Now that I know about the site, we'll be using it regularly! Great concept, great product.

    Debra Price
    Jun 17th 2018
    Saloon Nuts Mini Crate

    My son received his crate & it was fun watching him trying to open it. He was quite impressed

    May 16th 2018
    My husband loved it

    My husband was surprised. Was a challenge to open. Absolutely loved everything. Will buy again.

    Diane Sinclair
    May 1st 2018
    Awesome gift!

    This gift was loved!! The excitement it brought was hilarious 😂
    Arrived sooo quickly.
    Such a great concept. I Will definitely be ordering again.
    Thank you!
    Thanks so much

    Karla M.
    Apr 19th 2018
    Absolutely LOVE Mancrate!!!

    This is my third order this year and each one has been a blast for my husband. He really likes the mini crowbar and although he cut through the tape ( cheated I told him), he can’t wait for the next box! He loves the nuts and this whole product concept! Can’t wait to order again soon!

    Robyn (soon-to-be) Ramirez
    Feb 27th 2018
    Great novelty gift

    My fiancé loved it. It was on the front porch before noon on the day i had it delivered. Only bad part was, whoever dropped it off, didn't even ring the doorbell. Luckily I checked the mail before the chance of it being stolen. But I don't think that's ManCrates' fault. My fiancé thought the boat was very cute and the crowbar was a nice touch. He liked how it was something different and he appreciated the packaging. I too, thought the phrases on the box and on the back of the card (what I asked the note to say) were clever and funny. Good job ManCrates!

    Elizabeth Hernandez
    Feb 25th 2018
    Very cute but husband didn’t like the nuts.

    I ordered this as an anniversary gift for my husband in mid February 2018.The presentation was awesome my husband had a fun time opening up the crate. He was surprised at the whole concept. But in the end he said that none of the nuts were good, I’m going to give them away to my son and hope he eats them.I am super surprised because he is not even a picky eater and he loves nuts . ☹️ I would like to gift my son a crate from here but am concerned that he may have the same reaction about the food. Since this is a higher priced item I would hate for the same to happen again. I pretty much paid $54.00+ (That includes shipping) for a cute box with some contents my husband didn’t eat. Maybe I could get a coupon for my son’s upcoming bday in June? Lol!

    Jan 25th 2018
    men and directions

    it must be a man thing...the gift is perfect ... crate and all...but, the man (husband)...was having difficulty opening...and i said..."read the bottom of the box!" and then the crowbar went to the correct position and box was saved...i love the idea...great gift and will reuse the box! plus, yummy nuts...

    Nov 9th 2017
    Great Christmas Gift

    I bought this for my dad for Christmas. It was awesome! The box was not super hard to open but the look on his face when he saw it was priceless. The nuts were great too. Definitely buying again.

    May 17th 2017
    Man Up

    I am a girl, and was able to open the crate for my husband. Gift packaging was cool -- the nuts are absolutely wonderful.

    Are there options to order full pound bags of nuts?

    Great gifts, and great food.

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