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    Feb 14th 2020
    Perfect Valentine’s gift for my Valentine!

    This is my first order from Mancrates, but not my last! My husband was happy I sent him flowers on Valentines, but not really excited until he opened the box and exclaimed “Salami! I LOVE Salami!. “ He then asked for a vase and has them on display next to my flowers from him.

    Susie Martin
    Feb 14th 2020
    Outstanding Gift

    Ordered the Salami Bouquet for my fiancé for Valentine’s Day and he loves it! Shipping was fast and right on time! He acted a little skeptical when he was opening the “MC Bouquet” box, I think he thought it was flowers 🤣 once opened the box he smiled, chuckled and picked up the bouquet and said “Now that’s cool, I like that”!!!! This is my third MC order and I’m hooked! Excellent manly gifts, superb quality, outstanding gifts! You can’t go wrong with Man crates!

    Barbara Aragon
    Feb 12th 2020
    Amazing presentation!

    I loved the presentation! The bouquet was perfect and the box is SO DARN CUTE!! Make sure to read the stamps on the box! This gift exceeded my expectations. Thank you Man Crates for putting a huge smile on my Valentine!

    Feb 8th 2020
    Loved it !

    I was looking for something to give my boyfriend for valentines day and I found this website at first I was a little skeptical about buying it but I read the reviews and decided to buy, the shipping was fast. He said it had to be one of the coolest gifts he ever received, we both laughed once he opened it and saw what it was.

    Feb 5th 2020
    So goooood

    My husband was so excited when he opened this. I got this within two days of ordering and knowing my husband, I couldn't wait to give it to him. Would order every year for Valentine's day if this is available again in different varieties

    May 13th 2019
    To my son for V-day from his Italian Mom

    He loved it! But, I’m hoping you’ll have them available by Father’s Day?

    Debbie L Flanary
    Mar 3rd 2019
    Salami Bouquet

    A perfect gift for anyone that loves salami. The quality is excellent!

    Feb 15th 2019

    I had a salami bouquet scheduled to be delivered to my husband's work on Valentine's Day. Unfortunately FedEx delayed the shipment and he didn't receive it until the day after Valentine's. He did say the salami was very delicious and the packaging was great!!

    Feb 15th 2019

    My BF and I live 7 hours away from each other at the moment so I sent this to him for Vday. He was more worried about being embarrassed by coworkers and when it arrived he was so hallow with it and his coworkers (mostly male) was impressed and loved it also! It was a big hit and delish!

    Feb 15th 2019
    Boyfriend loved it!

    Gave it to my boyfriend for Valentine's day and he loved it. Great gift!

    Elaine Simons
    Feb 14th 2019
    So Amazing

    This morning I put my bouquet of salami out for my sweetheart. At first he looked confused. When he opened it his eyes lite up and he had the biggest smile. He was so excited about his gift and loves it. Thank you man crate for making our day exciting. You have my business for life!

    May 17th 2018
    Weird gift in the best way possible.

    He thought I sent flowers when he opened it up and saw the 5 large salami's he was really surprised. Everyone at work was excited about the bouquet and was either jealous or wanted to order one for someone. Super thoughtful out of the ordinary gift for any man that is not a vegan.

    REGINALD Pryor
    Apr 27th 2018
    it was okay

    I fell asleep on it

    Mikayla Beach
    Apr 22nd 2018
    For Husbands Birthday

    Sampled all of them myself and they are all amazing quality salami. My husband ate all of them and even bragged to his friends about his bouquet of meat. Will recommend to everyone i know.

    Mar 3rd 2018
    Absolutely man-maxing!

    Got this for my fiance for Valentine's day and he could not be happier (put in mind that he is full Italian and his mother brings a suitcase full of salami when she comes to visit!) He has loved everyone one of them and has gotten to the point of hiding them from me. Best present I've got him (besides myself duhhh) :)

    Feb 16th 2018
    DO IT

    I sent this to my husband for Valentine’s Day after hearing about it on a podcast. Most of his co-workers are female and as soon as he opened it they all jumped on
    to see if they could order them last minute for their husbands. The bouquet even earned a “my wife is better than your wife” instagram post from my rarely active on social media husband. If you’re reading this, ORDER IT! He will love it!

    Elizabeth Whitley
    Feb 15th 2018

    Ordered this for my "manly" man and had it sent to his office. It got the perfect response that I imagined. He was a little embarrassed as he was getting teased by the ladies in the office about getting flowers as they didn't take him as a "flower" receiving type of man. Then he opened the box and Applause all around! He loved it and everyone in the office thought it was the Greatest and Unique Gift.

    Heidi J.
    Feb 14th 2018
    Best Wife & Best Valentine's Day

    I ordered this for my husband and had it delivered to his office for Valentine's Day. The delivery of a flower box created quite the stir in his office. His coworkers wanted to know if I really loved him or if I was in trouble for something.

    Once he opened it, not only did HE love it, but his coworkers were delighted, too. They said I was the best wife ever. He said it was his best Valentine's Day ever. Then he said he had to get off the phone because he had to finish showing his meat to everyone else in the office.

    Feb 14th 2018
    Epic Valentine's Day Gift

    I stumbled upon this site when searching for a Valentine's Day gift for my boyfriend. It was hard to choose a gift because there were so many great options, but I decided on this bouquet. I showed a picture to his friend prior to giving him the gift and his friend described it as "epic" and wanted me to pass along the website to his wife for future gifts. My boyfriend absolutely loves this gift and also can't wait to use the site for gifts for his dad and brother. Thank you, Man Crates!

    Feb 2nd 2018
    LOVE IT!

    I was searching for 3 hours for a Valentine gift for my boyfriend. I finally found this amazing website and I immediately ordered this because I mean.. look at it... I ordered it yesterday morning and it has already been delivered! I've never experienced such prompt delivery. The packaging is amazing too. I am so excited to give it to him, I can't wait. I also cant thank you enough! I will definitely be ordering more presents from this site, you guys have great ideas.

    Jan 5th 2018
    Best Apology Gift I've Ever Sent

    The only time I've ever apologized I decided instead of flowers I'd send this. It was an instant hit. My boyfriend loved it and laughed his head off when he saw how it was packaged. The salami itself was very tasty and a good selection. Would absolutely send this again as a gift.

    Suzanne Smith
    Dec 4th 2017
    Tasty awesomness

    Loved everything about this salami! Great gift to bring to host for a party.

    Feb 15th 2017

    My husband just opened his and started crying he was laughing so hard!!! He loves it!! We can't wait for them to come back in stock to send to his friends

    Jan 31st 2017
    That's Salami!

    What an awesome and creative gift for Valentine's Day! I love the design of the box and how it says MC Bouquets on the outside and "Surprise, It's Meat!" on the inside. The only bummer is that the box got a little beat up during shipping. However, when I opened it up I was pleasantly surprised to see the bouquet was sitting perfectly inside and presented very nicely. I can't wait for my boyfriend to open it! I'd love to see even more unique holiday gifts like this in the future from ManCrates! Keep up the good work.

    Feb 9th 2018
    no card in my order

    I was pleased with the order in general, however my shipment had no card so the the person who received it had no idea who sent it.

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