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All reviews for Raspberry Pi Retro Gaming Kit

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    Feb 17th 2018
    Valentine’s present

    It’s pretty cool, he absolutely loves it! Would highly recommend this product to anyone who loves games. There is so much you can do with it, it’s awesome.

    John in New Jersey
    Nov 17th 2017
    This was my 30th Wedding Anniversary present

    For 30 years, I got my wife a Tahitian Pearl pendant and necklace.
    Knowing that she'd want to buy me something, and also knowing that she can have a tough time picking something out, I suggested "Anything" from mancrates.com. On the site, she searched for nerd and found this kit. Sweeeeet! It is great! I love it, and she feels like she purchased something special,...well, at least for a nerd. She also got me one of the Jerky kits! For my 50th, I want the whole lot. ha!

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