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    Teresa Veach
    Dec 13th 2022
    Duct tape

    My son is in love with duct tape. He uses it on everything and anything. One year he even received a duct tape wallet for Christmas. I can't wait for him to see it and open it. Thank you for such a neat gift

    Nancy Voopet
    Dec 12th 2022
    No crate

    I ordered the jerky collection which was delivered but no crate. Can someone help. Who do I contact

    Man Crates Response: Hi there! We're so sorry about the mistake! Definitely reach out to our team of Customer Champions at so we can make it right!

    Mary Kirkland
    Nov 21st 2021
    Great ethical company

    My gift didnt arrive on time ..They made good on it with another complimentary gift.
    Will refer to everyone I know.

    His wife of 41 years
    Aug 22nd 2021
    This Is So Cool!

    Yes, that is what he said. What better way to celebrate a birthday than with a surprise. Thank you ManCrates for a great gift! He is opening up the jerky now!

    Jul 7th 2021
    All good except the Chili Citrus Cashews

    I loved everything in this crate except the Chili Citrus Cashews. I was excited to try them but once I did I couldn't stand the taste. It was way too overwhelming with everything they put on them to the point to where I had to spit them out. Everyone that I had try them, also said and did the same thing. I would get this again, but not for the cashews.

    Brenda S Worst
    Jan 8th 2021
    Very pleased!

    I ordered the Caveman crate as a Christmas gift. When received, crate wasn't glued shut therefore, the recipient was denied the fun opening experience. I reported this and, the 100% guarantee was enforced. Another crate was sent as a replacement, free of charge!! They really do honor their word. And, my recipient was very thrilled with his crates! I will be ordering again. A hugh thank you!

    John Griffin
    Jan 1st 2021
    Caveman Crate

    Never received a gift like this before. Very unique and it was the center of attention at our Christmas get together. Loved the variety of jerkys and nuts.

    Dec 26th 2020
    Hubby's Xmas gift

    This is the perfect gift for your man. My husband is difficult to buy for. He never wants clothes or shoes lol. He loves snacking so this is perfect for them. It was fun watching him pry it open with the crowbar lol

    Aug 28th 2020
    Great taste, but missed the mark

    I loved the crow bar and crate idea, but was disappointed in the price I paid for the amount of food received. I sent this as a thank you gift, and I was a bit embarrassed once the guy actually opened the crate. All that excitement for such a tiny amount of gift. For $96 I could have made a huge basket of jerky and nuts, and delivered myself.

    Jun 21st 2020
    Husband loved it

    I wanted to make sure his first experience was opening a package ina crate. That's a cute idea and the crow bar it comes with is cute. Husband and kids loved the food inside. This was a wonderful father's day gift and I look forward to buying many more from man crates.

    Mary Amant
    Feb 6th 2020
    For The Man Who Has Everything

    Bought for my " difficult to buy for " son. Took him awhile to open. Great to film. Son and everyone loved it. Will definitely be buying others.

    Jan 20th 2020
    Easy to get into

    The products inside the crate are amazing. Only took me 6 seconds to get into the crate. My mother in-law and wife video it and where blown away how quickly I was able to get into the box. They got 2 other ones and it took the people longer than 6 seconds to get into their crates.

    Jan 5th 2020
    Great gift

    Bought this for my dad for christmas and he loved it! Hes normally the hardest to shop for because he has everything and is picky but he had never received a man crate until from us.

    Nancy Earnest
    Dec 6th 2019

    I ordered two boxes and I'm so glad I did... Great gift for a man that loves this stuff... The flavor is absolutely fabulous.. now I'll be ordering different kinds of crates thank you so much

    Nancy Earnest
    Dec 6th 2019

    I ordered two boxes and I'm so glad I did... Great gift for a man that loves this stuff... The flavor is absolutely fabulous.. now I'll be ordering different kinds of crates thank you so much

    Nancy Earnest
    Dec 6th 2019

    I ordered two boxes and I'm so glad I did... Great gift for a man that loves this stuff... The flavor is absolutely fabulous.. now I'll be ordering different kinds of crates thank you so much

    Apr 28th 2018

    Excellent—- fun and tasty snacks! A perfect gift to show someone you care about them :). Customer support was quick to reply to my questions. A truly great product!

    Nancie Silves
    Dec 13th 2017
    Birthday Gifts

    I have bought this three different times for my two brother in-laws and my son. It was a big hit with all of them. A great gift to give to that someone that has everything.

    Nov 12th 2017
    This is awesome - Hub loved it

    Bought this for my hub for his birthday - he saw the crowbar and the message that it might take 15 mins to open, went to the garage and got a mallet and opened it in less than a minute! lol
    He immediately started snacking -
    He said he's going to make a birdhouse out of the crate :)

    Dona Hall
    Mar 17th 2017

    Wonderful staff and truly humbled by your kindness......thank you thank you!!!!

    Dona Hall, GHSDR

    Happy Wife!
    Feb 16th 2017

    I sent this to my husband at work, for Valentine's Day! He works in an Engineering facility and had access to tools, and thought it was hilarious and loved it. He texted "They sent a crowbar but the sides are glued shut! I had to hammer the heck out of it." He said his co-workers texted their wives a picture and note that "THEY wanted a Man Crate too!"
    Man should go on Shark Tank! :)

    Teresa Blanscet
    Feb 15th 2017
    It was a hit!

    I ordered this for Valentine's Day for my husband.
    He loved it! Thought it was great - opening the box with crow bar and has already tried most of the goodies inside - so far they have tasted great!

    Judy Huckaba
    Dec 30th 2016

    I bought 4 Caveman crates for Christmas. We open gifts together on Xmas eve. It was hilarious to watch 4 young men perplexed at no instructions then attack their boxes from different perspectives! The had the best fun! THEN the noise began as they tried to hammer nails back in with the crowbars to reseal their crates!!! SUCH FUN! PS. Jerky was good too!

    Nov 15th 2016
    Everything was great

    Fun to open and awesome grub inside

    Jul 13th 2016
    Great Crate, Wrong Date!

    I had ordered this for my boyfriends birthday. I SPECIFICALLY set it up to be delivered on 7-6 which is his actual birthday since I could not take the day off to hang out with him. Unfortunately, I received a text from him on 7-1 thanking me for the crate. Considering that I paid over $11 for shipping and was given the opportunity to pick my delivery date, I feel it should have been received on that date. Not almost a week early. Other than that, he was very happy with his birthday gift.



    So sorry to hear about the early arrival of your order! When you pick a date we do our best to ensure it arrives on the date you select and I'm sorry to hear we dropped the ball. Please give us a call at 866-902-7260 or email us: and we'll do our best to make this right!

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