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    Mar 31st 2023
    Stupid Hot

    Bought this for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day and him, and his son, could not get past 1 piece of popcorn each. LOL He said he never felt something burn his stomach so fast, and his son's face turned red within a second of eating it and drank a few glasses of milk, which didn't help. Even though everything else is still in the kitchen, it was well worth the money for it. I had fun watching them think they could handle it until 1 piece of popcorn shut them down. LOL Thank you!

    A. Kesling
    Dec 24th 2018
    "Awesome Sauce"

    Bought for a good family friend for Christmas. Loves hot and spicey things, so what better gift than this? Best part, trying to get past the duct tape "wrapping" to get to the crate.
    Great gifts & fun for the observers.

    Roger Moe
    Jun 15th 2018
    Finally Satisfied

    I always complain about hot sauces not being hot. My family hears this all of the time. This was a gift from my son for Father's Day. I LOVE IT! Mine had the correct personal card and a pry bar to open the crate (which will be repurposed)
    Jerky could have been a bit spicier but the chips, popcorn, and sauces were lit! LOVE IT!

    Amy Renfer
    Jan 11th 2018

    Got this for the S/O for Christmas 2017. He LOVED it!! He was most excited about growing his own peppers! We tried the Mad Dog 357 with the bullet sauce first, and boy was that a mistake! We couldn't seem to drink enough milk!! LOL I will for sure be coming back to this company for more crates! Also, just found out the Mad Dog sauce we tried first will be the second hottest sauce on Hot Ones this season!!

    Tim McLennan
    Dec 30th 2017
    what fun

    My sister gave me this for Christmas The packaging and the content where just fun. Though I am still not sure if she was trying to kill me or just test my manhood.
    IF you know someone who likes spice than this is the the choice for them.
    Just down right fun to open and fun to enjoy. How much hot is to hot, there is only one way to find out.

    Feb 7th 2017
    Smoking HOT!!!

    What a great gift I received. My wife sent this to me and I love it. The popcorn will light you up, as will the delicious beef jerky. I had a small issue with the order and called the company. I spoke with an amazing customer service rep David J. He was funny, helpful and great to work with. This company stands behind their products.

    Feb 7th 2017
    One of the BEST gifts ever!!

    I bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas as a gag gift! He loves spicy stuff so why not get him the atomic stuff, Right? He ended up loving it! He had a blast opening it and is SUPER excited to grow the peppers too! Thanks guys!!!

    Jan 8th 2017

    Bought this crate for Christmas for my boyfriend. Christmas morning came and when he opened it one of the hot sauce bottles were cracked open. I contacted Man Crates customer service via email that morning and much to my surprise (it was Christmas after all) I had a prompt email within a few hours with a new shipment prepared to send out a replacement crate. The new crate came by the end of the week in perfect condition and with an extra surprise! Definitely interested in coming back to this business!

    Dec 29th 2016

    This was the BEST HOT STUFF you can get, He Loved it. And he loved the DUCK TAPE wrapping, its worth the extra !!!!

    Jan 28th 2016

    This was my 2nd time ordering from Mancrates.com for my boyfriend. The first I ordered was actually a jerky-gram for his birthday (which was also a hit!). I bought this hot & spicy crate for Valentine's Day 2015, and it was a great fit for my boyfriend - he loves spicy everything!
    We have not ventured to open the scary skull faced hot sauce, as there are plenty of warnings attached to make us only use it as a decoration!
    These products are great, and I'll be looking for another crate this upcoming Valentine's Day!

    Flo Murray
    Dec 16th 2015
    Best Gift Ever!

    Celebrated Christmas early with family, We got the Man Crates for our adult sons! we purchased them with the duct tape! which I think made it that much better!So much fun watching them try to open them, quite the challenge for sure!! They enjoyed everything about it, Everything in the crate is top notch! What a great idea!!!

    Mara Jacobs
    Dec 4th 2015
    Perfect Gift!

    My brother-n-law and his sons spent the evening opening up his birthday present! They loved the duck tape and loved figuring out how to open the crate! My brother-in-law is now coveting his "hot sauce" for the right moment and time! How am I going to top this gift next year!!

    Oct 31st 2015
    Exceeded Expectations!

    This was my 1st time ordering but won't be my last! The gift arrived on schedule and was a blast from the beginning. My boyfriend is in construction but was still stymied by the box, thinking it had to be a joke. I mean who uses a crowbar to open a present? He loves spicy food so this was a hit and his friends were highly impressed.
    James in customer care contacted me after the crate arrived to ensure my satisfaction. I mentioned a very small issue and was amazed how serious they are about their guarantee. They went above and beyond to honor their policy!

    Aug 22nd 2015
    It was flipping awesome!

    I ordered the premium hot crate for my husband as just a thank you for being so cool lol
    He loved having to open it with a crowbar! Everyone at his work surrounded him to see what it was. My husband loves everything hot he owns Flash bang and 2nd dimension so obviously how can he not own 2:00am hot sauce. The bottle is really well done. My husband said he doesn't want to open the bottle because of how awesome it looks. The nuts jerky and chips are actually really good they are spicy I mean flippen spicy but really good. I have to get an Ammo box for him next!

    Denis Harting
    Jul 22nd 2015
    Get well gift!

    I had my knee replaced and I received the PREMIUM HOT & SPICY CRATE as a get well gift. With gifts like this what else can I get replaced.

    Johanna Logue
    Feb 24th 2015
    Hubby Loved It!!

    Just got an email from my husband that the crate had arrived! Thank you for getting it out so quickly. It was a last minute bday gift and arrived just in time. His email subject line was "Best gift and presentation EVER"!! and even sent pics of the duct tape wrapped box and crate with crow bar. Very novel!

    Feb 20th 2015
    loved it!

    I bought this for my boyfriend for Valentine's day. He had such a great time opening everything and checking it all out. He loves spicy everything and brags about how he once ate a ghost pepper and lived to tell the tale. The contents of this box intimidated and impressed him. That night he said it was the coolest gift he'd ever received. A sentiment he repeated the next day. He already wants to send this to his pipeline friends and see who can handle it! I'm very happy with my purchase!

    Feb 18th 2015
    lit his ass UP!

    Got this for my boyfriend as a Valentine's gift (my 2nd man crate for the man), and yet ANOTHER hit!! He already asked for more of the jerky. He is even afraid of the 2AM sauce, which I have never seen. Yet another highly recommended crate! Seriously such unique gift, and every selection of crate is perfect. Will definitely buy a dozen more

    Kelly Hinna
    Feb 17th 2015
    Best Gift

    I used for my first Valentine's for my boyfriend...BEST GIFT EVER! He loved the fact that he had to really work at getting it open...GRR man thing lol! He loves spicy foods and this hit the spot. There was one tiny glitch to do with sending the wrong card - however - Man Crates MORE than made up for this! Awesome idea...everyone should send one to their favorite man! Can't wait to see even more choices! GREAT IDEA! Thanks guys!

    RD Young
    Jan 22nd 2015
    The Fear is Real!

    So, I ask my friends if they like spicy, and their response is,"the spicier, the better." Famous last words. I purchased this for a longtime friend, who was absolutely amazed. First, it took him forever to open the crate, because the top was attached by the hand of Zeus, apparently. I have pictures of the resulting injury, but that's another story. Anyway, he loved everything in it; however, said he is scared of the hot sauce, and will probably be using the 2 a.m. sauce as a display item only. I'll be purchasing from you again!

    Anna B.
    Jan 19th 2015
    Best Birthday Gift for my Boyfriend

    My boyfriend is a fan of everything hot and spicy on this planet, and with this crate, it's the cornucopia of everything hot. He absolutely loves all the hot items inside. The hot sauces and grow your own peppers gives him opportunities to try new things and to see if he has a green thumb. He also loved having to open it with a crowbar! Thank you Mancrates for making my boyfriend's birthday an amazing and memorable one!

    Jan 14th 2015

    My boyfriend shared with his office and they all loved it. The "spicy" title held true and everyone was up for the challenge. Our kids even munched on the snacks! This is the third time I ordered a man crate, and every time the response is the same.... A M A Z I N G !

    Dec 24th 2014
    All it was sold to be!

    Well worth you tested and tried all products!
    Partner was from Trinidad so didnt believe the heat could be replicated. He was so wrong. Hurt going in and out but so LOVED it!. Coming back for more. Happy Holidays and many thanks. Buy this and watch them burn!

    Nov 25th 2014
    Lava feels cold to this

    Holy great balls of FIRE Batman, my wife got me this and I have still yet to use the 2 AM. The expression "it will make you a man" or "it will put hair on your chest" This spawn of Satan sauce will take you back to when your voice cracked, trust me. Thanks man crate for the AWSOME product.

    Sep 1st 2014
    Very satisfied

    This crate was awesome. It arrived on time and did not disappoint. My friend was blown away at the appearance and the products were wonderful.

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