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    Jun 27th 2022
    Just be patient

    The initial order had one of the glasses rim edge chipped. It took a few iterations of support, promptly sending replacements to ensure a full set was received in the same design... In my opinion that's no reason to blame Man Crates, as it's easy to see how these glasses can get abused during shipping. If anything, big kudos to support always being responsive and ensuring the order was ultimately fulfilled.

    The other cool thing is that the cool turf looking coasters have bottle openers underneath, which was a great surprise feature for the gift recipient!

    Bottom line is that this is a great gift set, and you might have to deal with fragility/shipping. But after applying a little zen and just being reasonable it turned out to be one of most well received gifts!

    Mar 26th 2021
    Exemplary Customer Service

    I have ordered this crate for my hunny and he LOVED IT! I ordered the same crate for my brother a month earlier because it had been out of stock through Christmas. He opens it for his birthday and it was the wrong team!! I went back to check my order to ensure I ordered the right ones and I did. I called customer service and the overnighted the correct crate. No fuss, they just jumped into super customer service mode. I will definitely be ordering regularly for the men in my life.

    Oct 21st 2020
    My brother loved it!

    Got this gift for my brother’s birthday and he was so excited! Now he’s got something to host game days when his team plays and his friends are over.

    Glad I could send him a little crate of joy to celebrate his birthday.

    Jun 22nd 2020
    The perfect gift!

    I purchased this for my fiance for Fathers Day. It is the perfect gift. He loved it. And the crate having to be opened just adds to the excitement. I think I was just as excited as he was. This is perfect in every way! We need Women Crates!
    Thank you so much, I will def being buying more!

    Jun 21st 2020
    He Loved it!

    My boyfriend lost all his Eagles glasses in a move, and had commented a few times that he missed them. When I found this crate, I knew it was perfect. Last night, he again mentioned that he missed his glasses and I knew it was time to give him the crate. Initially, he was confused about the crate, but quickly got to it, and enjoyed the process of cracking the crate open. The excitement on his face was priceless, and he must have thanked me at least 10 times while he used the glasses during the evening. I will 100% be a return customer!

    Jacqueline Bailey
    May 12th 2020
    Love everything about this!

    I got the brewski crate for my husband, and he absolutely loved it. I was a surprise, so he did not know what was inside and accidentally broke one of the glasses, they shipped out a replacement same day and it will be here in just 2 days! I loved this and I was going to order again for our anniversary anyways, but that just was icing on the cake. Absolutely going to be a consistent customer!

    May 10th 2020
    Man Crate Fan!!!

    I bought a Man Crate for my Dad and Brothers!! Best gift gift every! you guys have a customer for life!!! thank you1

    Sarah Beth C.
    Dec 26th 2019
    “Best Gift Ever”

    I ordered this for my dad for Christmas. When he got it, he declared it, and I quote, the “best gift ever.” He absolutely loved it! Shipping was quick, and I’m thrilled to have found something unique to gift for a change. Definitely recommend!

    Dec 22nd 2019
    Broken Box

    I ordered my dad this crate for Christmas and the bottom of it was completely off :( I called and told them I didn’t want to open it because of the glass and they resent my order, refunded my shipping charges and made it so easy for me! They tried to get my express shipping but since I’m so close to where my crate would ship they couldn’t. Still very happy they tried. I will be back to order more from this amazing company!!

    Man Crates Response: Hey there, sorry to hear your crate arrived broken! So happy to hear we made it right!

    -Team Man Crates

    Angela Braden
    Sep 19th 2019
    NFL Barware Crate

    I purchased the NFL Barware Crate for my husband for Father's Day for his RockStar Bar Garage. It was a total hit and it was neat seeing him open it with the crowbar. I said, "Be careful it's fragile!" He loves them and it has been a hit with other Cowboy fans who come over. Thanks for really neat and different products for the guys in our life!

    Susie Mae Blackmon
    Jun 14th 2018
    Die Hard Cowboy Fan

    My husband received this as a Fathers Day gift from our daughter and he loves it! From the Crate, to the Crowbar, the VERY COOL coasters, glasses he can put in the freezer for frosty beer 🍺 and some snacks! Truly one of the best gifts he has received! Very good quality and a great conversation piece as he will display the Man Crate in his Man Cave called Earls Mule Barn!

    Tammi R.
    Feb 14th 2018
    Fun Valentine's gift!

    My husband is a huge Dallas fan. He opened this, (took a little bit, lol), and was all smiles. He said it was worth the work and loved the contents. Great product!

    Jan 28th 2018
    Amazing gift

    I gave this to my boyfriend as a just because gift. He is a Saints fan and absolutely loved it. I got the duct tape wrapping as well. It was hilarious watching him dig to get to the prize.

    Rory O'Gorman
    Jan 20th 2018
    Took forever to open!

    This was an awesome gift to give, by best friend thinks it is awesome. I stole a page from Man Crates and duct taped the box myself. Took him about 8 minutes to get through the tape, and then to pry open the crate. The cups are high quality and the coasters too!

    Antoinette garsa
    Dec 28th 2017
    Christmas Gift

    My boyfriend is a huge die heart raider fan. And when he opened the box he was surprised at what was inside. Now he can watch the games with his new glass set n eat all the peanuts he wants. He loved it.

    James Mitchell
    Dec 24th 2017
    Big Cowboy Fan

    I just received the cowboy create from my wife for Christmas. It was just as much fun opening the create as it is using it. Thank you my darling wife Bonnie.

    Paul S.
    Dec 24th 2017
    Legal fun for $100

    Bought the NFL crate for my brother on the west coast, shipped it totally out of the blue. I received a call from Man crates asking if they could release my name. absolutely made my holiday season! I called him and found out he had the crate moved to the garage, just in case! For $100 go for it, you'll love the responses!

    Gary Behrens
    Dec 15th 2017
    Great Customer Service

    Spoke with Rosie today about a concern I had with the system and the shipping address. She was extremely personable, helpful, and made me feel confident about the order. I had read the reviews prior to this and I was not surprised by the great customers service!

    Nov 28th 2017
    AMAZING costumer service

    I dealt with an AMAZING woman name Audrey! I wanted to get my brother a man crate for Christmas. Unfortunately, he’s highly allergic to nuts and peanuts and things like that. After speaking with Audrey and telling her the situation, she took my number and tried to see if she can exchange the peanuts for something else. Not even 30 minutes later I was ordering my man crate and the peanuts was replaced. They were so good and amazing and so helpful! Thanks so much!

    Nov 5th 2017
    Amazing customer service

    Had an issue in receiving the wrong crate. I emailed and got a quick response and swift willingness to fix. Definitely would order again! I know it was an honest mistake, and the way the staff took care of me and this issue was amazing! Thank you guys!!!!!!

    Oct 25th 2017
    Steeler Crate

    My husband received this for his 50th Birthday from my best friend, who has sent a bunch of these to other guys....When it first arrived, the delivery box catches your eye, then when he opened it...we all had a great time watching him break into it! All the items are fun and useful! Would recommend to anyone at any adult age, guy or girl!

    Mark Nadobny
    Sep 1st 2017
    Detroit Lions Man Crate

    Received this from my wife for my B-day, I have the best wife ever! The Lions are going to the Superbowl or at least I'm prepared for it with this gift.

    May 17th 2017
    Patriots Man Crate

    Ordered 2 sets..
    1 for my Future Brother-in-law
    1 for my Brother

    Both for birthdays.. was fun watching them open the crates. both thoroughly enjoyed opening them, and the gifts.

    Jan 27th 2017

    Great gift, after opening, smoothed up the edges, put hinges on the lid and know on top and now it is a small garbage container in my garage. Topic of conversation.

    Jan 17th 2017


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