NFL Barware Crate

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In The Box

Game Day Gear

  • 4 NFL team pint glasses (officially licensed by Boelter Brands)
  • 4 Turf Coaster/Bottle Openers

Game Day Grub

  • Pistachios, 5 oz
  • Corn Nuggets: BBQ, 4 oz
  • Beer Nuts: Bar Mix 3.25 oz
  • CB's In-Shell Ballpark Style Jumbo Peanuts: Lightly Salted, 12 oz

How It Ships

In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar

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    Orders placed by noon PST will ship out same day
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Show Your Colors

It's game day, but your allegiances run deeper than a single game or season. If they cut you, you bleed red and gold. Or black and yellow, or blue and white- the point is that every time your heart beats it pumps the fervor of fandom through your veins. You live and die with your football team.

Raise a Glass

Celebrate your victories and drown your defeats with a pint of your favorite brew in an official, licensed team beer glass. Nobody should drink alone, so there's a full set of four glasses. Share with three of your team mates. Or double fist it with your best bud. We won't tell you how to do the math.

Primetime Snacks

True fans deserve to eat like it's the big game every game. We've gathered the best in game day snacks, pretzels, and pistachios.

Customer Reviews

    Tammi R.
    Feb 14th 2018
    Fun Valentine's gift!

    My husband is a huge Dallas fan. He opened this, (took a little bit, lol), and was all smiles. He said it was worth the work and loved the contents. Great product!

    Jan 28th 2018
    Amazing gift

    I gave this to my boyfriend as a just because gift. He is a Saints fan and absolutely loved it. I got the duct tape wrapping as well. It was hilarious watching him dig to get to the prize.

    Rory O'Gorman
    Jan 20th 2018
    Took forever to open!

    This was an awesome gift to give, by best friend thinks it is awesome. I stole a page from Man Crates and duct taped the box myself. Took him about 8 minutes to get through the tape, and then to pry open the crate. The cups are high quality and the coasters too!

    Antoinette garsa
    Dec 28th 2017
    Christmas Gift

    My boyfriend is a huge die heart raider fan. And when he opened the box he was surprised at what was inside. Now he can watch the games with his new glass set n eat all the peanuts he wants. He loved it.

    James Mitchell
    Dec 24th 2017
    Big Cowboy Fan

    I just received the cowboy create from my wife for Christmas. It was just as much fun opening the create as it is using it. Thank you my darling wife Bonnie.

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