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    Dana Maples
    Dec 13th 2021
    Awesome 👌

    My husband loved it !, He was able to get it opened, after a little struggle, lol! But overall he really loved it, was very surprised too ,and said I did good he loved it , and it was a perfect gift🙂 Thankyou so much for awesome items and fast delivery, thankyou so much!

    Feb 2nd 2021
    Bake crate

    OMG!! Purchased the crate as a Christmas gift for my son
    This made for the very best gift especially during the pandemic. We laughed so hard at him trying to pop that crate open. It was so much fun and made a rather forgettable holiday (due to pandemic, no family, etc) one of the most memorable. I am trying to figure out which ones to purchase next year. My son-in-law will love this too!!

    Denise Crawford
    Sep 2nd 2020
    Mr Fix-It Tool Crate

    My boys and I got my husband this kit for Father's Day 2020 and he absolutely loves it! Probably the best reaction we've ever got from him as far as gift wise Thank you so much Man Crates!

    Lisa Seiler
    Jun 21st 2020
    “Awesome” he exclaimed

    My husband loves it. He kept saying “awesome” as he investigated the contents. They seem to be good quality, but haven’t been real life tested yet. The mini crowbar is a plus, that’s “awesome” too. He popped the crate open in half a second, which was disappointing because I thought that was supposed to be half the fun.

    Katie Kimbley
    May 28th 2020
    Good products but not durable.

    I ordered the Mr. Fix it crate for my fiancé. Added the diabolical duct tape thinking it would make it harder for him to open. And a fun experience to get to the inside. He had the duct tape off in less then 1second. As for the crate. He popped the top open like it was nothing. He didn’t even need the crowbar. I got to looking at the glue that held the top on and it was just hot glue. No wonder it was so easy.
    When I first started looking into man crate and watching the videos of people un boxing their gifts, they had a hard time and it was quite amusing. Letting the anticipation build to the surprise. But in our case I was very let down.

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