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    FArrah Howard
    Dec 23rd 2018

    I got the one with all the jerky.. SO hard to open. Crate was covered in DUCT TAPE. Meat in there is top notch. Will add this to my gift giving list. My son loved watching me struggle with the box and using the crow bar. Great fun.

    Anne Harrington
    Oct 15th 2017
    Perfect gift

    My husband is deployed overseas and I wanted to get him something for his birthday that was different and he wouldn't have a hard time trying to pack and bring back home. He got this today and loved it saying it was a bunch of really cool nik naks. It took him 45 minutes to get two crates opened lol. I highly recommend man crates! shipping was fast also it took about 10 days to get to him at his deployed location

    Jacqueline Morse
    Dec 25th 2016
    bass crate

    First of all the customer service this company gives is like no other. Fantastic is putting it mildly. They bend over backwards for you and because of that I will be a fan forever. Now on to the gifts. The bass crate was a winner! My brother in law who is in a position to buy anything he wants was thrilled with this. It was fun watching him try and get it open and the items inside were a hit! I also got a smash and grab for my nephew and husband. They loved it and so did the rest of us at the Christmas eve party. Since nobody had ever seen any of this before it was a very welcomed gift. Thank you Man Crates! This was a home run!

    Cheri Feaster
    Aug 2nd 2016
    Man Crate

    I am a Veteran and this is a perfect gift of those who are Survorists, Mountain Hikers, Emergency needed. I think this great, Neet a mosquito net and firs aid kit.

    Jun 21st 2016

    Best Fathers Day Gift Ever. Only thing that would have made it better is if there had been a .45 cal. 1911 in there.

    Marisa Diaz
    Jan 5th 2018
    My 7 year old could have opened the crate.

    I purchased 4 Man Crates. I loved the idea of seeing my loved ones struggle with the crate to see who could open it the quickest. Well unfortunately it was incredibly easy. I broke out the camera as the box suggests and I looked stupid when the box opened in less then a minute. Two out of 4 boxes were a bust. The other two were great it just seems like horrible quality control. The two that opened easy, had a very thin layer with glue not applied in all areas.

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